Lunar New Year Holiday

LUNAR NEW YEAR Holiday                                                         Jess Lin

1. How was your Lunar New Year holiday?

It was great. / It was boring.

2. Did you do anything special?

Not really. I just stayed home and took it easy. I ate a lot of food.

Yes, I went to the Flora Expo with my family.

3. Did you give or receive red envelopes?

I gave red envelopes to my parents.

I received red envelopes from my relatives.

4. Did you set off the fireworks?

Yes, I set off the fireworks and firecrackers with my cousin.

No, I didn’t. It’s too dangerous and very noisy.

5. Did you visit temples to pray for good luck and fortune?

Yes, I visited Longshan Temple with my family on the first day of the

New Year.

No, I am not a Buddhist.

6. What else did you do during the Lunar New Year holiday?

I went to a KTV and watched Night Market Hero. It was fun. It’s a

shame that the holiday was so short.

I played mahjong and lost all my year-end bonus.

1. Lunar New Year / Chinese New Year / Spring Festival  過年/春節           2. New Year’s Eve  除夕   3. the first day of the Lunar New Year 初一       4. reunion dinner 團圓飯  5. red envelope 紅包  6. thoroughly clean the house 大掃除  7. paper-cuts 剪紙  8. couplets 對聯  9. set off the firecrackers 放鞭炮  10. set off the fireworks 放煙火  11. visit friends and relatives  拜年  12. visit temples 到廟裡拜拜  13. May everyone have a glorious and successful Year of the Rabbit. / Wish you a good and prosperous Year of the Rabbit.  祝大家兔年行大運。



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