TC L7 Vocabulary 多益課程單字


TC L7  Vocabulary                                                                         Jess Lin       P.1

P. 1: board, take off, land, special offer, lost & found, concert hall, theater, auditorium, stadium, anchor, host, announcer, reporter, journalist, correspondent, press conference, weather forecast, hurricane, blizzard, utilities, natural gas, water, electricity, sewage, advertisement, flyer, poster, billboard, pop-out, brochure, pamphlet, booklet, leaflet, minute, introduction, orientation, comment, review, criticism, critic, criticize, critical, guided tour, lecture,

P.2: address, place, plant, post, test, tour

P.3: ferry, boat, ship, cruise liner, port, harbor, wharf, deck,  complimentary, compliment, praise, flattery will get you nowhere, I’m flattered., butter up, beverage, drink, snack, refreshment

P.4: sick/maternity, compassionate/annual leave, raise funds, funding, founding,

P.6: place/confirm/reconfirm/cancel an order, pick someone up, give someone a ride,

P.7: exit, entrance, passage, pathway, trail, route, lane, aisle, revise, edit, review, go over, go through, work shifts, night shift, graveyard shift, premises, property, put out, fire hydrant, fire exit, fire extinguisher, fire alarm, fire fighter, emergency exit,

P.8: convention, conference, meeting, get-together, luncheon, seminar, workshop, forum, summit, penal, growing trend, trendy, chic, fashionable, set up, establish, broadband internet access, wireless network,

P.9: folder, file, filing cabinet, facility, equipment, apparatus, tool, gear, complete/fill in/fill out/submit the form,

TC L7  Vocabulary                                                                         Jess Lin       P.2

P.10: renovation, reconstruction, restoration, exhibit, exhibition, expo, exposition, fair, hand over, be known for, a.k.a. also knows as, innovative, revolutionary, novel, pioneering, state-of-the-art, at the leading/cutting edge of, advanced, sophisticated, user-friendly, eco-friendly, global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gas emission, carbon offset, feature, attribute, quality, characteristic,

P.11: departure, arrival, stopover, layover, coupon, voucher, gift certificate,

P.93/18,19: momentarily, temporary, permanently, permitted, allowed, load, unload, upload, download, baggage, luggage, personal belongings, possessions, foliage, leaf, maple leaf, flurry, shower, Fahrenheit, Celsius, turn in, submit, give, claim, reclaim, baggage reclaim/claim,

P.94/19: be eligible for + N, be eligible to + V, be entitled to + N/V, translation, interpreting, lingua franca, global English, globish, first aid kit, sewing kit,

P.96/19: London-bound, bound for London, ticket counter, ticket agent, steam, boil, grill, barbecue, roast, bake, stew, braise, purser, captain, deck, dock, double-decker,

P.97/20: monument, landmark, admission, fee, fare, charge, pilot, flight attendant, cabin attendant, cabin crew, altitude, attitude, turbulence, buckle/unbuckle/fasten/unfasten the seatbelt, boarding, on-board,

P.99/20: space shuttle, launch, in orbit, engine, motor, remain clear, slam, slam-dunk, bang, slap, heading toward, boost, balloon, boom, slump, plunge, plummet, pose a risk, take a risk, overlook, miss, outlook, copter, chopper, helicopter, rush-hour traffic, traffic jam, traffic congestion, stuck, lumber, timber, westbound, highway, expressway, freeway, collision, car crash, car accident, foggy

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