TD L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary 補充單字


TD L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary  補充單字     Jess Lin         P.1

P.340, Exercise 1 Who: 1. I’m off, get on/off, take a day off                2. take charge of, be in charge of, free of charge, charge a battery         3. tournament, championship, competition, contest, season, game, match, champion 4. available, Is the girl available?  5. expedition, explorer, expedite, speed up  6. opening address  7. featured speaker, guess speaker, spokesman, spokesperson

P.341, Exercise 2 What: 1. mustache, beard, goatee, sideburn               2. effect, affect  3. salary, wage, pay, commission, bonus, benefit, perk    4. produce(n), produce(v), production(n), productive(adj), productivity(n)  5. You deserve it. 6. including tax, tax included  7. evidently, apparently, obviously, clearly  8. stubborn, pigheaded, obstinate  9. politically expedient, politically correct PC  10. sales/unemployment figures, the number of cars, statistics show that…, death toll, She has a good figure, a seven-figure salary, a six-digit salary

P.341, Exercise 3 When: 1. consult, counsel, advise, consultant, counselor, advisor, consulate, embassy, consul, ambassador, envoy, delegate  2. flood, drought, famine, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, twister, tornado, earthquake, natural disaster  3. due date, overdue, expire, expiration date, deadline, valid, invalid

TD L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary  補充單字     Jess Lin         P.2

P.341, Exercise 3 When: 4. increase, go up, rise, grow, climb, expand, escalate, appreciate, depreciate, decrease, come down, go down, fall, drop, cut, decline, slash, havle, slump, plummet, plunge, low, high

P.342, Exercise 4 Where: 1. permit, license, certificate  2. human resource office, personnel department  3. rubber stamp, postage stamp  4. fill in/out the application form/request

P.342, Exercise 5 Why: 1. asset, property, intellectual property, lost property, lost-and-found, The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage to guests’ personal property., personal possessions, personal belongings  2. virtually, almost, practically, virtual office, virtual world, avatar  3. present(adj/n/v),  “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”, Time and tide wait for no man.  4. spoiled, go rotten, go bad, go moldy, a spoiled child  5. causal, formal, informal, causal Friday

P.343, Exercise 6 How: 1. resort, tourist destination, tourist attraction, camp, holiday home, timeshare, youth hostel  2. estimate, estimation, appraisal, evaluation, assessment, rating, G, general, PG, Parental Guidance Recommended, R, Restricted, X, Explicit Sex, Extreme Violence, Pornography

TD L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary  補充單字     Jess Lin         P.3

P.343, Exercise 6 How: 3. break down, down, broken, out of order, out of work, on the blink, isn’t working, there is something wrong with.., repair, fix, maintenance  4. banquet, luncheon, reception, feast  5. error, fault, mistake, slip, slip of the tongue, typo, miscalculation, trial and error, inaccurate, incorrect  6. go over, look over, review, examine, inspect

P.343, Exercise 7Auxiliaries: 1. central office, headquarters, head office, umbrella organization, affiliate, subsidiary, branch, department, division, section  2. inventor, invent, invention, innovate, innovation, novelty  3. manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer  4. resign, quit, leave, hand in your notice/resignation,  be eliminated, be terminated, be fired,  be sacked, suspend, lay off, give someone their notice, lose your job, relieve someone of their duties/post  5. pursue, pursuit  6. make an offer, accept/take up an offer, turn down/refuse/decline an offer, I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse. Do as I say, or I’ll kill you., Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  7. trainer, trainee, employer, employee, interviewer, interviewee, attender, attendee  8. An employee is…, Employees are…, The staff is…, The personnel are…  9. running late, arrive late, The bus doesn’t run on Sunday., The software doesn’t run on Mac. 10. one-way ticket, round-trip ticket, return ticket

TD L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary  補充單字     Jess Lin         P.4

P.344, Exercise 8 Statements: 1. I’m expecting you., think someone will arrive, be expecting a baby, Snow is expected next week.

HP.1-3: 1. office supply, supply room, stationary, filing system, filing cabinet scissors, knife, stapler, calculator, printer, ink cartridge, projector, stamp  2. colleague, coworker, fellow worker, workmate, partner, companion, buddy, pal  3. pay raise, promotion  4. advantages and disadvantages, the pros and cons, the pluses and minuses, strength, weakness, drawback

HP. 7-10: 1. give someone a ride/lift, pick someone up  2. Are you done/finished?  3. less expensive, cheap, reasonable, competitive, affordable, economical, be good value, be a bargain  4. comment, review, remark, criticism, critic, criticize, critical, No comment. 5. recruit, new recruit, rookie  5. return someone’s call, I’ll get back to you soon.


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