TD L4 Reading Part 6 Vocabulary 補充單字

TD L4 Reading Part 6 Vocabulary  補充單字     Jess Lin         P.1

P.154: 1. : Features of a business letter format: a. letterhead, sender’s address, return address  b. complete name, title, and address of the recipient, inside address, recipient’s address  c. date  d. salutation with a colon, to whom it may concern  e. body of the letter  f. closing, sincerely  g. signature & typed name  h. enclosure, attachment, enclosed, attached  2. apologize for, I owe you an apology.  3. acknowledge, acknowledgement, recognize, recognition  4. proposal, propose   5.  without merit, Each of these approaches to teaching has its merits               6. submit a proposal/an assignment/an application/a report  7. key pal, pen pal, digital friends  8. a table of contents  9. resume, CV curriculum vitae, cover letter, covering letter, biography, bio, autobiography, recommendation letter, reference letter, 10. position, post, vacancy, job opening  11. public, publication, publisher, publicity

P. 155: 1. valuable, invaluable, priceless, costly, valueless, worthless  2. be eligible for + N, be eligible to + V, be entitled to + V/N 2. purchase, goods, commodity, product, load, shipment  3. buy one get one free, three for two, good bargain/deal/buy

P.161: 1. help-line, toll-free call, customer service number, customer support       2 mechanic, technician, electrician, plumber, repairman, engineer  3. proceed, go on, continue, precede  5. requirement, requisition, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, must, qualification  6. register, sign up, enroll  7. Automated Fingerprint Identification System Verification

TD L4 Reading Part 6 Vocabulary  補充單字     Jess Lin         P.2

P.163: 1. edition, issue, limited edition, special edition  2. best-seller, blockbuster, hit, debut  3. M.D.: Medicine of Doctor, M.A.: Master of Art, B.S.: Bachelor of Science, PH.D.: Doctor of Philosophy, doctorate, diploma, degree                        4. notice + O + V-ing, Did you notice him leaving the party early?  5. onset, beginning, start, origin, carbon offset  6. daylight saving time  7. trigger, spark, set off  8. physician, surgeon, house physician, resident physician, G.P.: General Practitioner, psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, therapist, shrink

P.165: 1. administrative, administration, clerical position, executive assistant          2. a well-established company  3. minimum, maximum, minimize, maximize            4. candidate, applicant, job seeker, nominee  5. exclusive access/right/use, exclusive interview/coverage

P.86-89: 1. credit, debit  2. down payment, deposit, mortgage payment, installment  3. alternative medicine/therapies  4. physical fitness, mental disorder  5. equipment, facility, apparatus, tool, gear, electronic product, electronics market  6. economist, economy, economics, economic crisis, economical


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