TD L7 Listening Part 4 Vocabulary

TD L7 Listening Part 4 Vocabulary                           Jess Lin        P.1

P.361-362, Business Announcements,Q1-9: 1. proficiency, GEPT: General English Proficiency Test, competence, ability, capability, capacity, skill, basic, beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional  2. salary, wage, pay, compensation, remuneration, income, earnings, commission, bonus, benefit, perk  3. corporate, corporation, multinational, conglomerate, company, firm, business, dot-com, headquarters, main office, branch, subsidiary, affiliate, franchise, chain store, Inc.: Incorporated, LTD: Limited, Co.: company, Corp.: Corporation, PLC: Public Limited Company, Pty.: Proprietary  4. innovative, creative, revolutionary, novel, pioneering, state-of-the-art, at the leading/cutting edge of, advanced, sophisticated 5. M.D.: Medicine of Doctor, M.A.: Master of Art, B.S.: Bachelor of Science, PH.D.: Doctor of Philosophy, doctorate, diploma, degree     6. resume, CV curriculum vitae, cover letter, covering letter, biography, bio, autobiography, recommendation letter, reference letter  7. requirement, requisition, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, must, qualification, qualify, qualified, meet the requirement  8. position, post, vacancy, vacant, opening, open, job opportunity, the position has been filled, unfilled, job, work, position, occupation, vocation, profession, career  9. candidate, applicant, job seeker, nominee  10. submit a proposal/an assignment/an application/a report  11. human resources department, personnel department  12. salary history, medical history  13. in the field, field research, field trip, on-the-job training  14. trainee, intern, apprentice, internship

TD L7 Listening Part 4 Vocabulary                           Jess Lin       P.2

P.362, Special Announcements, Q1-9: 1. personnel, employee, staff                2. dedication to, contribution to, devotion to, dedicate, contribute, devote         3. I’ll let you get back to…  4. a round of applause, applaud, clap  5. They must have got caught in rush-hour traffic., We were stuck in heavy traffic/a traffic jam., ease traffic congestion  6. complimentary beverages and snacks, refreshment, no additional charge, free of charge, at no charge/cost, cost nothing, be on the house  7. welcome aboard, on board, board, take off, land, fasten/unfasten/buckle/unbuckle your seatbelt, turbulence, Please refrain from smoking., Thank you for your cooperation.

P.362-363, Recorded Announcements, Q1-9: 1. register, sign up, enroll, registration  2. give/deliver a speech/talk/lecture  3. mechanic, technician, electrician, plumber, repairman, engineer  4.take/place/cancel/receive/confirm/reconfirm an order, last orders, last call

P.363-364, Advertisements, Q1-9: 1. day after day, day by day, from day to day  2. address an issue, key/environmental/political issue, the Big Issue, subscribe, subscription  3. poll, Gallup poll, conduct/carry out/do a poll/survey   4. daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, annually, biannual, biennial  5. going-out-of business/clearance/spring/anniversary sale                   6. emporium, hypermarket, outlet, flag shop, shopping arcade, mall, mart, bazaar

7. No one was hurt, and we all breathed a sigh of relief., What a relief., disaster relief, relieved, not worried/concerned, carefree

TD L7 Listening Part 4 Vocabulary                           Jess Lin       P.3

8. charity, charity organization, charity shop, Charity begins at home., charitable   group, donate, donation, volunteer, contribute.. to, , shelter, refuge, refugee, victim, asylum seeker, political asylum, benevolence, philanthropy, philanthropist

P.364, News, Q1-9: 1. speed up, go faster, accelerate, quicken your pace        2. flood, drought, famine, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, twister, tornado, earthquake, natural disaster  3. platform, gate, terminal, airport, dock, pier, marina,  wharf, harbor, port  4. trade surplus, trade deficit  5. advantages and disadvantages, the pros and cons, the pluses and minuses, strength, weakness, drawback, downside, limitation  6. The cups and saucers cost $5 and $ 3 respectively., respective  7. pact, agreement, treaty, contract, accord, ECFA: Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, terms

P. 364-365, Weather, Q1-9: 1. abate, reduce, lessen, lower, decrease, diminish  2. pollen, hay fever, allergy, be allergic to  3. precipitation, rainfall      4. bloom, blossom   5. bronchitis, nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, irritated eyes, runny nose  6. protective mask, surgical mask, stock mask  7. take effect, come into effect, be in effect  8. around the clock, day-and-night, nonstop, 24-7  9. break down, is down, is broken, is out of order, has gone, out of work, on the blink, isn’t working, there is something wrong with.., repair, fix, maintenance

HP.5, Q71-76: 1. pride, I’m proud of my students., arrogant, conceited, big-headed, vain  2. live coverage of the match, health care coverage, cover, cover charge, cover letter  3. entire, whole, all, from start to finish, every bit

TD L7 Listening Part 4 Vocabulary                           Jess Lin       P.4

4. double, triple, quadruple, multiply, proliferate, snowball, rise, raise, increase, go up, boost, appreciate  5. generate revenue/income/profit  6. achievement, accomplishment, success, progress, breakthrough  7. appreciation, gratitude, appreciate, owe, appreciative, thankful, grateful, be indebted to  8. connection, relation, correlation, establish a link  9. executive, boss, manager, supervisor, foreman, line manager, chief executive, director, president, vice president, chairman, managing director, head

HP.6, Q77-82: 1. tournament, championship, competition, contest, season, game, match, play, champion, athlete, player, athletic  2. sing, signature, autograph, initial, countersign  3. cafeteria, canteen, buffet, all you can eat, café, restaurant, diner, drive-in, deli, snack bar, bistro  4. nutritious, nourishing, healthy, beneficial  5. menu, appetizer/starter, main course/entrée, side dish, dessert, a la carte, table d’hote, set meal  6. feature, characteristic, character, attribute, quality, trait, aspect, factor, element, side

HP.7, Q83-88: 1. main road, highway, freeway, expressway, interstate, route, road, street, avenue, boulevard, lane, fast lane, slow lane, shoulder, sidewalk, alley  2. always, almost always, usually, often, frequently, sometimes, seldom, rarely, occasionally, hardly ever, almost never, never  3. behind the wheel, at the wheel  4. wear off, wear out  5. rent, lease, owner, landlord, landlady, lessor, tenant, lessee  6. on the premises, off the premises, property, building              7. institution, institute, organization, mental institution, be an institution


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