TD L8 Reading Part 7 Vocabulary

TD L8 Reading Part 7 Vocabulary                           Jess Lin        P.1

P.200, Letter: 1. : Features of a business letter format: a. letterhead, sender’s address, return address  b. complete name, title, and address of the recipient, inside address, recipient’s address  c. date  d. salutation with a colon, to whom it may concern  e. body of the letter  f. closing, sincerely  g. signature & typed name  h. enclosure, attachment, enclosed, attached  2. deposit, withdraw, withdrawal,  deposit, interest rate, balance, passbook, term deposit  3. prevailing, current, predominant, prevalent, common, widespread

P.196, E-mail: 1. in effect, in use  2. probationary period, on probation  3. work shifts, graveyard shift  4. individualized, self-contained, learn at your own pace

HP4, P.92,93, Letter, Note: 1. recruit, new recruit, new employee, rookie, orientation, sexual orientation, homosexual, heterosexual, gay, lesbian

2. congenial atmosphere, surroundings, conscientious, careful, thorough, diligent

P.172, Advertisement: 1. outage, blackout, faint, pass out, collapse, fall into comma, lose consciousness  2. cordless, wireless  3. remote control, channel-surfing, channel-hopping, zapping

HP5, P94, 95, Card, Advertisement: 1. subscribe, subscription, renew, renewal, issue, best value, special offer, promotional offer, delivery  2. courteous, polite, respectful, well-mannered  3. absolutely, totally, completely, entirely, definitely, certainly, in every respect/way  4. fabulous, wonderful, terrific, excellent, great, neat, fantastic, amazing, superb, brilliant, impressive, incredible

TD L8 Reading Part 7 Vocabulary                           Jess Lin        P.2

P.177, Bulletin: 1. open season, open house  2. enroll, register, sign up, join, admit, enlist  3. make amendments, change, adjustment, modification                  4. adequate, enough, sufficient, inadequately  5. accommodation, lodging, boarding house, hotel, motel, inn, B&B, guest house, hostel, homestay

 P.184, Form: 1. subject to the terms and conditions hereof  2. trade-in           3. trade-off  4. subtotal, total  5. voluntary, mandatory military service, compulsory education, obligatory

P.188, Label: 1. warranty, a search warrant, guarantee, under guarantee           2. manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer

P. 210, Double Passage: 1. stockholder, stocks and shares, stock exchange, stock market, stock index, stockbroker, bull market, bear market  2. upbeat, optimistic, downbeat, pessimistic  3. prognosis, diagnosis

P.208, double Passage: 1. catalog, booklet, brochure, pamphlet  2. on exhibit, on display, show, exhibit, exhibition, exposition, fair, art gallery, museum, collection, statue, master piece, oil/water painting, auction, bid

HP6. Double Passage, P.100, 103: 1. kitchen supplies & utensils, kitchenware, cooking product, pan, pot, bowl, stove, oven  2. stainless steel, aluminum, copper, metal, platinum  3. professional, amateur, novice, beginner, learner  4. reporter, journalist, correspondent, TV host, anchor, radio broadcaster, announcer, host, anchor, correspondent, the press, the media, press conference


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