E2B L3 Unit 3 Personal Information



E2B L3 Unit 3 Personal Information                      Jess Lin    P.1






A. Warm-up Questions

  1. What’s your last name?  My last name is Lin.
  2. What’s your best friend’s name? His name is Peter.
  3. What’s this?  It’s a wallet.
  4. What are these?  They’re clips.
  5. Where are you from?  I’m from I-lan.
  6. Where’s your father from?  He’s from China.
  7. Where’s Tokyo?   It’s in Japan.
  8. Where’s Taipei 101?  It’s in Xinyi District, near Taipei City Hall.
  9. Who’s that?  She’s my English teacher, Jess.
  10. Who’s the tall man in black? He’s my boyfriend.
  11. When is your birthday?  It’s on July 25th.
  12. When is Christmas?  It’s December 25th.
  13. How are you?  Not bad. Thanks.
  14. How old is your father?  He’s 55 years old.
  15. Are you tired?   Yes, I’m very tired.
  16. Are your classmates happy?  Yes, they are.
  17. Are you a student?  Yes, I’m a high school student.
  18. Is your mother a housewife?  No, she’s a nurse.
  19. Are you in love?  Yes, I’m in love.

20. Are your parents at home?  No, they aren’t.

B. Jobs

1. teacher [ˋtitʃɚ] 老師  2. taxi driver [ˋtæksɪ] [ˋdraɪvɚ]  計程車司機              3. police officer [pəˋlis] [ˋɔfəsɚ]    警察   4. businessman [ˋbɪznɪsmən]  商人  5. doctor [ˋdɑktɚ] 醫生  6. sales assistant [selz] [əˋsɪstənt] 店員                      7. nurse [nɝs]   護士 8. student [ˋstjudnt] 學生 9. engineer [͵ɛndʒəˋnɪr] 工程師10. accountant [əˋkaʊntənt] 會計  11. civil servant[ˋsɪv!] [ˋsɝvənt]  公務員     12. office worker [ˋɔfɪs] [ˋwɝkɚ] 上班族 13. singer [ˋsɪŋɚ] 歌手                      14. actor[ˋæktɚ]演員 15. server [ˋsɝvɚ] 服務生 16. housewife [ˋhaʊs͵waɪf] 家庭主婦

A: What’s your job?  I’m  a businessman.

A: What’s your father’s job?  He’s a civil servant.

A: What’s your mother’s job?  She’s a housewife.

E2B L3 Unit 3 Personal Information                      Jess Lin    P.2

C. Personal Information

1. Name: Lady Gaga

2. Hometown: Taipei.

3. Phone number: 0911874908

4. Age: 18

5. Job: model

6. Marital status: married

D. Personal Information

  1. What’s your name?                          My/His/Her name is Lady Gaga.

What’s his/her name?                     His/Her name is Tom Cruise

  1. Where are you from?                     I’m from Taipei.

Where is he/she from?                   He/She is from Korea.

  1. What’s your phone number?

My phone number is 0911874908.

What’s his/her phone number?

His/Her phone number is 0911874908.

  1. How old are you?                            I’m 18 years old.

How old is he/she?                         He/She is 25 years old.

  1. What’s your job?                            I’m a singer.

What’s his/her job?                       He/She is a model.

  1. Are you married?                           Yes, I’m married.

Is he/she married?                        No, he/she is single.

Yes/No Questions

Be  +   S   +  Noun/Adj/Prep Phrase   ?

Am     I       heavy?

Are    you     a student?

Is      he      from Taichung?






E2B L3 Unit 3 Personal Information                      Jess Lin    P.3

D. Social Expressions

1. A: Good morning!    B: Good morning!

2. A: How are you doing?  B: Pretty good. Thanks. And you?

3. A: What’s up?   B: Nothing special.

4. A: Good night!     B: Sweet dreams.

5. A: Have a good day!    B: Thanks. You too.

6. A: Have a good weekend!   B: Have a good weekend!

7. A: See you later.   B: See you.

8. A: Thank you very much.   B: No problem.

9. A: I’m sorry.   B: That’s okay.

10. A: (Sneeze) Excuse me.   B: Bless you.  A: Thank you.


D. Yes/No Questions:

1. Are you a hardworking student?  Yes, I am. / No, I’m a lazy student.

2. Are you an engineer?   No, I’m an accountant.

3. Are you from Taipei?  Yes, I’m. I was born and grew up in Taipei.

4. Are you 25 years old?  No, I’m 35 years old!

5. Are you talkative?  Yes, I am. / No, I’m quiet.

6. Is your father a civil servant?  No, he’s retired.

7. Is your best friend married?  Yes, he’s married with two children.

8. Is your mother from Tainan?  No, she’s from Thailand.

9. Are your classmates friendly?  Yes, they are very friendly and helpful.

10. Are your parents at work?  No, they are in the night market.



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