Are you an extrovert or introvert? 你是個外向還是內向的人



下面是從我的愛書之一Touchstone裡面找出來的。個性跟星座,台灣人還挺愛聊的,而且聽說還有些主管會拿來當面試的參考,所以星座上次說過,這次看看個性。什麼樣的人是外向?假如你只說自己外向好像還不夠,舉幾個例子。下面這些我覺得都是些不錯的用語。還有聽力部分也是很好的練習,裡面的用字我也覺得都很不錯,不少東西是應該記起來,有機會的時候可以用出來的喔!補習班上這個太難了,所以是給其他學生用的,同學可以參考一下:)  Have a good week! 潔西繼續忙去!


Touchstone 4 Unit 4 Socializing Lesson D  2. Listening and writing  Extrovert or introvert?  P.41

A. Group work   Take the magazine quiz, and discuss the questions. How are you the same?

What’s your social style?

Do you prefer to…

1. a. go out and socialize? b. see friends at home?
2. a. have lots of friends? b. have just a few close friends?
3. a. go out in a big group? b. go out with one or two friends?
4. a. be the center of attention? b. keep a low profile?
5. a. tell jokes and stories? b. listen as other people tell jokes?
6. a. engage in chitchat? b. have more serious conversations?
7. a. do tasks with others? b. figure things out alone?
8. a. think of yourself as a“social animal”? b. think of yourself as an individual?

B. Listen to Jun talk about his social life. How would he answer the quiz?


Touchstone 4 Unit 4 Socializing

Lesson D  2. Listening and writing  Extrovert or introvert?  P.41

Audio script

A: Jun, do you think of yourself as an extrovert or an introvert?

B: I don’t really know. Maybe an introvert – but what are they supposed to be like

A: Oh, quiet, thoughtful people, who don’t really like socializing in big crowds –

that kind of thing.

B: Well, I guess that sounds a bit like me. I’m not one for going out and socializing.

I mean, I have friends, but I like to spend time with them – you know, have

them over for dinner, go places with them, but have a chance to really talk.

A: Yeah, I was going to say, you have a lot of friends, right?

B: That’s true. I do. I have a lot of very good friends. But I like to see them in

ones and twos, as I said.

A: So you don’t really like going out in big groups?

B: No, I always try to get out of parties and things, and you know, I’ve never had a

party at my place either. I just hate being the center of attention.

A: Yeah, I can see that.

B: But I enjoy socializing, and I like it when other people tell stories and joke

around and stuff. I enjoy a good joke, as long as I’m not the one telling it! And

I like to talk with people, you know, just chat with them… It doesn’t have to be

about serious stuff all the time. So, do I sound like an introvert?

A: Maybe. I think introverts also like to work on their own, figure things out

themselves – they’re not so good at group work or teamwork. And they think of

themselves as individuals, too, not really “social animals.” I get the feeling

you’re not really like that, are you?

B: Oh, well, I like working as part of a team – working in groups. I think it’s a

creative way to work. I think I must be a “social animal” – I mean, it’s not like I

don’t mix with people. I really like people!

A: Well, maybe you’re just a mix of extrovert and introvert.

B: Yeah, I guess I am.



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