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E4A L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.1








A. Warm-up Questions

1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have one older sister and one younger brother.

No, I’m the only child.

2. Do you live with your family?

Yes, I live with my parents and my two brothers.

No, I live alone. My parents and my sister live in Taichung.

3. How often do you spend time with your family?

I have dinner with my family almost every night/ on the weekend.

I don’t see my family very often because we don’t live together.

I only see them on big holidays.

4. What activities do you and your family do together?

We often have a big dinner on Saturday night. After that we played

Mahjong for a few hours. Sometimes we go to a KTV and sing together.

5. How often do you visit your relatives?

I see my grandparents once a year, but I see other relatives only at



B. Family

1. great-grandparents曾祖父母 2. grandparent 祖父母 3. grandfather祖父

4. grandmother 祖母 5. parents 雙親 6. father 父親 7. mother 母親 8. son 兒子 9. daughter 女兒 10. child/children/kid/kids  小孩 11. grandson 孫子

12. granddaughter孫女13. husband丈夫 14. wife 妻子15. father-in-law 岳父/公公  16. mother-in-law 岳母/婆婆 17. brother兄弟 18. sister姊妹

19. brother-in-law姐夫/妹婿 20. sister-in-law小姑 21. niece 姪女/外甥女

21. nephew 姪子/外甥 22. uncle 伯叔舅姑丈姨丈 23. aunt 阿姨伯母姑姑

24. cousin 堂表兄弟姊25. spouse 配偶  26. partner 伴侶  27. relative 親戚

28. reunion 團聚  29. the oldest child 老大  30. the second oldest child 老二

31. the youngest child 老么 32. the only child 獨子/女 33. engaged 訂婚的

34. married 結婚的 35. divorced 離婚的36. widowed 鰥寡的



E4A   L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.     Jess Lin      P.2

C. Family Pictures

A: Who’s this?

B: He’s my younger brother. / She’s my mother.

A: What does he do? / What does she do?

B: He’s a college student. / She’s a housewife.

A: How old is he? / How old is she?

B: He’s twenty years old. / She’s fifty something.

A: What’s he like? / What’s she like?

B: He’s tall and handsome. Everybody likes him. He’s easygoing and fun.

She’s short and a bit overweight. She’s very kind.

A: What does he do in his free time? / What does she do in her free time?

He plays online games a lot.

She goes hiking with friends.


D. Asking about families.

A: Tell me about your family.

B: Well, my parents are divorced, so I live with my mother and my younger

sister. My older brother lives with my father.

A: What does your mother do?

B: She’s a sales clerk. She works at Sogo department store.

A: What’s she like?

B: She’s tall and slim. She’s very beautiful and friendly. Just like me!

A: How about your younger sister?

B: She’s five years younger than me. We don’t look alike. She looks like my father.














E4A   L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.     Jess Lin      P.3

E. 現在進行式Present Continuous


1. 現在進行式是用來描述正在進行的事情。

‘Where are the children?’  ‘They are playing in the garden.’

  1. 現在進行式也用來描述短時間內持續進行的事情。這些事情卻不一定在說話


You’re spending a lot of money these days.

  1. 現在進行式也可以用來表達未來的計畫。一般句子都會加上未來時間。

I’m having a party this Saturday.



主詞 +      現在式Be動詞   + 動詞-ing

肯定句       S  +       am/is/are      +  V1-ing

I               am              cooking.

She/He/It          is               working.

You/We/They       are             dancing.


否定句      S  +  am/is/are + not +  V1-ing

I       am     not      eating.

Nina     is      not      singing.

They     are     not      drinking.

Yes/No 問句則把現在式Be動詞am/is/are放在主詞前面造問句

Am/Is/Are +  S  +        V1-ing

Am      I                dreaming?

Is       the bird           singing?

Are     your parents        sleeping?


WH       Be-verb +  S  +    V1-ing

Why       am         I         crying?

Where      is        she       working?

How        are        you       doing?

What       is                     going       on here?

Who        is                     making that noise?


現在進行式的副詞如:now, at the moment, immediately, right away, right now, these days, this year, this week…等等。


E4A  L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.4

F. Every day and today   Present Simple V.S. Present Continuous

a. Which is it?

Look at these sentences. Which ones are present continuous and which

ones are present simple? Write PC or PS next to the sentences.


  1. He’s learning to drive.
  2. I don’t like coffee.
  3. What does she do?
  4. You aren’t listening to me!
  5. They live in Hong Kong.
  6. She’s wearing a green skirt.
  7. Water freezes at 0°C.
  8. I’m meeting her tomorrow afternoon.
  9. Our flight leaves at 9 o’clock.
  10. I usually finish work at 5.30.
  11. He’s telephone his sister.



Present Simple: S + V1

S + be1 + n/adj/prep phrase

Present Continuous: S + be1 + V-ing
We use the present simple

  1. for everyday habits
  2. for general truths, or facts
  3. for likes and dislikes
  4. for things which do not change
  5. for talking about time tables


We use the present continuous

  1. for actions which are happening now
  2. for actions which are happening over a long period of time
  3. for future plans
  4. for describing people


常用副詞: usually, every day, once a week, often, on Monday mornings


常用副詞:now, at the moment, this week






E4A  L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.5

F. Continuous or Simple?

  1. _______ you ______ (look) for a job at the moment?
  2. _______you ______ (have) an interesting job?
  3. _______ you ______(study) for an exam?
  4. _______ you usually ______(get up) before seven o’clock?
  5. _______ you ______(want) to live in a different country?
  6. _______ you ______(try) to stop smoking?
  7. _______ you ______(read) a newspaper every day?
  8. _______ you ______(read) a good book at the moment?




H. Discussion Questions

1. What TV shows are popular right now?

What is everybody watching?


2. What bands are “hot”?

Who are you and your friends listening to these days?


3. What movies are playing this month?

What movies stars are people talking about?


4. What sports stars are in the news?

Why? What are they doing?


5. Where are all the cool people “hanging out” on weekends?


6. What’s happening in the news?

What are people talking about?









E4A  L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.6

I. Present Continuous Questions

  1. What classes are you taking these days? I’m taking an English conversation class, grammar class, and a yoga class.
  2. Are you having fun these days? No, I’m not. My job is very stressful.
  3. How are you doing in this class?

I’m doing very well. / I guess I should try harder.

  1. What’s your father doing these days? He’s working hard these days.
  2. Why are you studying English at this school? I’m studying here because the teachers are very good. / Because it’s close to my office.
  3. Are you working overtime this week? Not really. I finish work on time.
  4. Are you traveling this month? Yes, I’m going to Hong Kong this weekend.
  5. Is your father living abroad? Yes, he’s living in China now.
  6. Are you enjoying this class now? Yes, I’m enjoying this class.
  7. Where are you shopping these days? I’m shopping in the Xinyi District.
  8. Where are you going this weekend? I’m going to Yangming Mountain.
  9. What are you doing tomorrow? I’m going to play mahjong with my coworkers.
  10. How are you getting home after class? I’m getting home by the MRT.
  11. Are you eating healthy food these days? Yes, I always eat healthy food.   Not really, I’m eating a lot of junk food.
  12. Are you spending a lot of money this month? Yes, I’m spending a lot of money.
  13. Where are you doing exercise these days? I’m doing exercise in the park.
  14. Is your sister working for the government? No, she’s working for the bank.


J. Quantifiers 數量詞

All,  nearly all,  most,  many,  a lot of,  some,  not many,  a few,  few,  no one/none

100 %                       50 %                          0%

  1. In Taiwan, ___________ women get married by the age of 22.
  2. In Taiwan, __________ married couples have children.
  3. In Taiwan, _________  vote before the age of 18.
  4. ___________ people in Taiwan live along.
  5. ___________ Taiwanese high school students have jobs.
  6. ____ % of homes have three or more televisions.
  7. ____% of families almost always eat dinner together.
  8. ____% of mothers with young children work.
  9. ____% of adults between the ages of 18-35 marry.
  10. ____% of adults between the ages of 18-34 live with their parents.


E4A  L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.7

K. Listening Tactics for Listening  Unit 9 Family

Let’s Listen

Task 1

People are talking about themselves an other family members. Which family member is the speaker most similar to? Listen and check the correct answer.

                 Father      Mother      Sister      Brother

  1. Wen-ping
  2. Michael
  3. Justin
  4. Susan
  5. Robert
  6. Beth


Task 2

Listen again. How is each family member different from the speaker? Write the letter.

  1. Wen-ping’s brother
  2. Michael’s brother
  3. Justin’s sister
  4. Susan’s father
  5. Robert’s sister
  6. Beth’s father


  1. likes sports.
  2. likes reading and music.
  3. is taller than the father.
  4. prefers to play cards.
  5. hates flying.
  6. isn’t interested in music.








E4A  L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.8

L. Listening Tactics for Listening  Unit 9 Family

Let’s Listen (Page 36)

  1. Both of my parents are taller than me. My dad is pretty tall, but my    brother is even taller than my dad. Together they look like a basketball team! My sister and I are the short ones in the family.


  1. My brother isn’t interested in music at all. He’s into cars, like my dad. But I’m not interested in cars. I play the guitar and the piano. I guess I love music because of my mom. She sings beautifully. She plays the piano really well, too.


  1. I love animals. I have a dog and I keep a couple of parrots in a big cage in my room. I love taking photographs of wild birds when I’m in the countryside. My dad and I often go away for the weekend and we have a great time birdwatching. My sister thinks I’m crazy. When my sister has free time, she loves to play cards. I can’t stand card games.


  1. I enjoy reading. I read a lot of books and I love going to the library. My dad likes outdoor things. He’s really into sports and swimming, and he always tells me I should get more interested in sports. But Mom tells me that reading is the best way to learn. She always gives me books that she’s been reading.


  1. I’m very interested in computers. I’m always teaching myself new computer programs and I have a lot of great software. My brother and I spend all our free time in computer stores and on the Internet. My sister is more interested in the arts. She likes music and she loves to read. She hates computers!


  1. I love traveling. My mother and I go to a different place every year. Both of us love to learn new things about cultures. My father never goes with us because he hates flying. My older sister is in college, so she stays home and studies while we’re away. Sometimes I wish my sister and my father would travel with us because I miss them.




E4A  L5 Unit 5 Tell me about your family.      Jess Lin      P.9


G. Useful Expressions

  1. It’s up to you. 你決定

A: Should I go to the party?

B: It’s up to you.

  1. Why not? 為什麼不?

A: You can’t go out today.

B: Why not?

  1.  Give me a break!  饒了我吧!

A: It’s only a twenty-minute walk.

B: Give me a break! My legs are killing me.

  1. That’s enough. 夠了

A: That’s enough. I’ve had enough of you.

B: Please let me explain.

  1. Stop! 停!

A: Stop! You’re going to bump that tree!

B: Stop yelling.

  1. Come off it. 住口,別扯了,別裝了

A: I think I failed my exam.

B: Come off it! That’s the third time you mention it.

  1. Cut it out!  別鬧了(停止打鬥爭吵等)

A: Cut it out! The baby is sleeping.

B: Sorry about that.

  1. Over the line 太過份了,太過火

A: You better say sorry to her. You’re over the line this time.

B: She hit me first.

  1. It didn’t occur to me. 我沒想到…

A: It didn’t occur to me that I would see you here.

B: Neither did I.

  1. What’s even worse. 更慘的是….

A: Tony failed the exam.

B: What’s even worse is that his girlfriend wants to break up with









助動詞DO/DOES與AM/IS/ARE 造問句時的用法與區別  Jess Lin   P.1

英文造問句與改否定的時候都需要一個助動詞,這個助動詞依主詞,表達的時態,表達的語態會有所不同。造問句的時候要把助動詞放到主詞前面,造否定把not放到助動詞後面。 要決定用do/does還是am/is/are造問句,首先要看句子本身有沒有一般動詞,如果有一般動詞就用do/does,沒有的話就用am/is/are。再來看人稱,再決定用的是do或does,是am, is, 還是are。

一般動詞 :主詞+動詞原型 (第三人稱單數加s)
S + V1
I/You/We/They work.   Where do you work?  Do your parents work?
He/She/It works.        Where does he work? Does your mother work?

BE :主詞+現在式BE +名詞/形容詞/介系詞片語
S + BE1 + noun/adjective/preposition phrase
I am a teacher.                      Where am I?                     Am I tall?
He/She/It is happy.               Why is he happy?              Is he handsome?
We/You/They are at home. Where are the kids?           Are they at home?

S  +  BE1 + V-ing
I am cooking.                          What am I doing?     Am I dreaming?
He/She/It is dancing.               How is he doing?       Is he sleeping?
We/You/They are  singing.   Why are they singing?   Are they crying?

過去式也是如此推斷,過去簡單式就用did或was/were造問句,過去進行式用was/were造問句。 。現在完成式用have/has,過去完成式用had。未來式用am/is/are或will。不同語態就用不同的助動詞如:would, could, can, may, …等。
Use the following words to make  questions with am/is/are or do/does.


1.     you / lazy or hardworking

2.    Taipei / a noisy city

3.    you / use the computer every day

4.    your brother / smoke

5.    your father/living abroad (住國外)

6.    your parents/ generous or stingy (大方或小氣)

7.    the weather/ terrible today

8.    you / sleep naked  (裸睡)

9.    your friends / smart

10.  your classmates / sitting now

11.   your mother / work in a bank

12.  your blood type / A  (血型)

13.  you / have a  pet

14.  your classmates / naughty    (淘氣)

15.  Jay Chou / a top model   (名模)

16.  your English teacher / helpful

17.  your shoes / new

18.  your best friend / married

19.  you / a careless person  (粗心大意的人)

20.  you / reading a good book at the moment

21.  your mother / cook dinner for you

22.  President Ma / busy

23.  you / over 18 years old

24.  English / easy or difficult for you

25.  you / in a good mood today   (好心情)

Answer Keys

1.     Are you lazy or hardworking?

2.    Is Taipei a noisy city?

3.    Do you use the computer every day?

4.    Does your brother smoke?

5.    Is your father living abroad?

6.    Are your parents generous or stingy?

7.    Is the weather terrible today?

8.    Do you sleep naked?

9.    Are your friends smart?

10.  Are your classmates sitting now?

11.   Does your mother work in a bank?

12.  Is your blood type A?

13.  Do you have a pet?

14.  Are your classmates naughty?

15.  Is Jay Chou a top model?

16.  Is your English teacher helpful?

17.  Are your shoes new?

18.  Is your best friend married?

19.  Are you a careless person?

20. Are you reading a good book at the moment?

21.  Does your mother cook dinner for you?

22. Is President Ma busy?

23.  Are you over 18 years old?

24. Is English easy or difficult for you?

25. Are you in a good mood today?




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