E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise 052212

E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?          Jess     P.1


課程主題運動,健身活動,習慣 句型重點頻率副詞,how問句

A. Hobbies and Interests

  1. Are you interested in sports?

Yes, I am. I play basketball and badminton in my free time.

My favorite athlete is Jeremy Lin.

  1. Are you into the Internet?

Of course. I spend two or three hours on computer every night.

I write a blog, download music, play games, and chat with friends online.

  1. Are you good at cooking?

I wouldn’t say so. My mom is a good cook and she always cooks for us. I can only cook simple meals like instant noodles or fried rice.

  1. Do you enjoy reading novels?

Not really. I fall asleep whenever I read. I only read magazines.

  1. Do you want to learn a new skill or hobby?

Yes, I want to learn to play the piano.


B. How to ask follow up questions:

1. A: Do you play sports on the weekend?

B: Yes, I do.                       B: No, I don’t.

A: What sports do you play?        A: What do you do on the weekend?


2. A: Do you watch sports on TV?

B: Yes, I do.                       B: No, I don’t.

A: What sports do you ______?    A: What do you _________ on TV?


3. A: Do you exercise in the morning?

B: Yes, I do.                       B: No, I don’t.

A: What _____________?        A: When __________________?


E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?          Jess     P.2


C. Sports and Activities 運動與活動

1. aerobics [ε’robɪks]  有氧運動 2. badminton [‘bædmɪntən] 羽毛球

3. baseball 棒球 4. basketball 籃球  5. bicycling 騎腳踏車 6. diving 潛水

7. football 美式足球 8. golf 高爾夫  9. gymnastics [dʒɪm’næstɪks]  體操

10. hiking 健行  11. hockey  曲棍球 12. in-line skating 直排輪

13. jogging 慢跑  14. karate [kəˋrɑtɪ] 空手道 15. rock climbing 攀岩

16. rugby [‘rʌgbɪ] 橄欖球  17. ski 滑雪  18. soccer 足球 19. softball 壘球

20. stretch 伸展  21. surfing 衝浪 22. swim 游泳

23. table tennis/ping-pong 桌球/乒乓 24. taekwondo [taɪˋkɔndo] 跆拳道

25. tennis 網球  26. treadmill  跑步機 27. volleyball 排球

28. walk 走路  29. weight training  重量訓練  30. yoga 瑜珈

play + sports do + exercise go + V-ing V1

A: What do I do every day? (mime a sport or activity)

B: You do karate every day.

A: That’s right. Would you like to do karate with me sometime?

B: Sure. I’d love to. / No, thanks. I’m a couch potato.

E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?        Jess       P.3

D. Frequency Adverbs 頻率副詞


How often do you exercise?

always                               100%

almost always


often                                75%

I   sometimes       exercise.

seldom                               25%

rarely                                10%

hardly ever

almost never

never                                  0%

I exercise every morning/afternoon/night/day/week/month/year.

I exercise once/twice/three times/four times a week.

every other day/week/month, Monday

three times every day/two weeks, three months, five years

S + F.A. + V.    She rarely comes to class late.

S + Be + F.A.    She is rarely late for class.

Questions Name/Answer
  1. How often do you eat out?
  1. How often do you cut your fingernails?
  1. How often are you late for work or school?
  1. How often do you sing at a KTV?
  1. How often do you clean your room?
  1. How often do you get your hair cut?
  1. Do you ever post comments online?
  1. Do you ever play games online?
  1. Do you ever use your cell phone in class?
  1.  Do you ever download movies?

E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?          Jess     P.4

E. How well and How good

well 跟 good 的中文都是好,但是在英文中,well 是副詞,用來修飾動詞,good是形容詞,用來修飾名詞。所以不同句型的問法要有不同的回答。

How well do you play Mahjong?        How good are you at Mahjong?

I play Mahjong pretty well.            I’m very good at Mahjong.

I play Mahjong well.                   I’m good at Mahjong.

About average                        O.K.

I don’t play Mahjong well.              I’m not very good at Mahjong.

I play Mahjong badly.                  I’m bad at Mahjong.

I can’t play Mahjong at all.             I can’t play Mahjong at all.

E. Questions with How

  1. How good are you at Chinese?  I’m pretty good at Chinese.
  2. How good are you at lying?     I’m not a very good liar.
  3. How good are you at dancing? I’m bad at dancing. I have two left feet.
  4. How good are you at sports? I can’t play any sports.
  5. How good are you at math? Just O.K. It’s very difficult and boring.
  6. How well do you sing? I sing very well.
  7. How well do you speak English? About average. I have to practice more.
  8. How well do you use a computer? I use a computer pretty well. I use it at work.
  9. How well do you play Mahjong?  I play Mahjong poorly. I never win.
  10. How well do you cook? I don’t cook well. I only cook some simple dishes.
  11. How long do you spend in front of TV every day?

I watch TV one or two hours after work. On the weekend, I spend all day watching TV if I don’t go out.

  1. How long do you surf on the Net every week? I spend at least 10 hours.
  2. How long do you exercise every week?    It depends. I usually go to the gym twice a week but I don’t do any exercise when I’m really busy.
  3. How long do you sleep every night?   I sleep for 6 or 7 hours every night.
  4. How long is your lunch break?    It’s one and a half hours, from 12.00 to 1.30.
  5. How often do you get your hair cut? I get a hair cut every two months.
  6. How often do you do laundry? I do laundry twice a week.
  7. How often do you eat out?  I eat out almost every day.
  8. How often do you buy clothes?  I buy clothes when there’s a big sale.

20. How often do you clean your room?  I never clean my room. My mom does that for me.

E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?          Jess     P.5

F. Listening

Tactics for Listening Unit 7 Sports and Exercise

3. Let’s Listen (page 27)

Task 1

Which sports or activities is the person talking about? Listen and circle

the correct answer.

1. a. swimming            b. going to the gym       c. jogging

2. a. playing volleyball     b. playing golf            c. playing soccer

3. a. playing baseball      b. playing football        c. playing tennis

4. a. playing tennis        b. watching TV           c. reading

5. a. swimming            b. jogging                c. windsurfing

6. a. diving               b. riding a bicycle         c. walking

Task 2

Listen again. What do you think each person says next? Circle the correct answer.

  1. a. Yes, about three times a week.

b. Yeah, I’m getting lazy.

c. Yeah, I’m tired.

  1. a. Yeah, I’m very busy.

b. Yeah, I’d love to.

c. Yeah, you’re right.

  1. a. Volleyball is tiring.

b. Volleyball. It’s my favorite.

c. Tennis is expensive.

  1. a. I know, but I’m crazy.

b. No, thanks. I’m tired.

c. Yeah, reading is fun.

  1. a. It’s too hot.

b. I enjoy skiing.

c. I don’t like the cold.

  1. a. In the car.

b. In the morning.

c. In the park.

E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?          Jess     P.6

F. Listening    3. Let’s Listen (page 27)


A: Your muscles are so big, Dave. What do you do to get them so big?

B: Well, I go to the gym every day after work, and on Saturdays, too. I love

it. Do you work out?


A: Do you play a lot of sports?

B: Yes, I do.

A: Do you like volleyball?

B: Yeah, I play volleyball during the week.

A: Want to paly with me and my friends tonight?


A: You’re in good shape, Ken. Do you play a lot of sports?

B: Yes, I do. I love sports. I play volleyball on Thursday nights, and on Saturdays and Sundays I play tennis.

A: Which one do you like the best?


A: Do you like playing sports?

B: Nah, not really. I don’t like exercising at all. But I do watch a lot of

baseball on TV!

A: You really should get some exercise.


A: What kind of sports do you play?

B: Let’s see. Well, in the summer I enjoy windsurfing. But I don’t do

anything in the winter.

A: Why not?


A: So, do you get any exercise?

B: Well, not much. I don’t have a lot of free time, but about once a week I

walk for an hour.

A: Oh. Where do you walk?

E4A L6 Unit 6 How often do you exercise?          Jess     P.7


G. Useful Expressions

  1. Look over there! 看那兒!

A: Look over there! I think there is a fire.

B: I hope that nobody is hurt.

  1.  No way! Absolutely out of the question! 不行;絕不可能

A: Dad, can I have a party in our house?

B: No way! (Absolutely out of the question!)

  1.  Leave me alone. 別煩我

A: Cheer up and go having some fun.

B: Just leave me alone.

  1.  Who is it? 誰呀?

A: Who is it?

B: It’s me. Open the door.

  1.  It’s terrible.  糟透了

A: How was the movie?

B: It was terrible.

  1.  Wait for me.  等等我

A: We are going to leave now!

B: Hey! Wait for me!

  1.  I know what you mean.  我知道你的意思.

A: Do you understand me?

B: I know what you mean.

  1.  Can’t help  克制不了;沒辦法控制

A: Can you stop laughing?

B: I can’t help myself.

  1.  Let me tell you…  讓我告訴你……

A: I don’t know how to get to the station.

B: Let me tell you the way.

  1.  Drop in sometime!  有空來坐坐

A: Bye! See you next time.

B: Remember to drop in sometime.

C. Sports and Activities


play + sports do + exercise go + V-ing V1
play badminton do aerobics go bicycling ski
play baseball do gymnastics go diving stretch
play basket do karate go hiking swim
play football do taekwondo go in-line skating run on a treadmill
play golf do weight training go jogging walk
play hockey do yoga go rock climbing
play rugby go surfing
play soccer
play softball
play table tennis
play tennis
play volleyball




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