Day 12 : What’s Your Type?

jessie decided to be lazy today, use all small letters and ignore the commas and periods, haha. this feels great. perhaps she should forget about all the s and ed and this and that. what a great idea. well, she’s lying on the bed, putting her macair on the laps. that’s a good reason why laptop is called laptop. anyway, feeling tired and sleeping she still couldn’t fall asleep after she closed her eyes for ten minutes. she decided she probably should get her computer and write the post for today while she’s still got some energy left. first thing first. today’s topic is what’s your type? what can this be? what type? well, what do you think?

tick it here today as reminder at drunken parties

dumb blonde

clever brunette

wild redhead



cold fish



mr.nice guy


married with kids


handsome prince


get that? basically what kind of men or women do you like? in english the stereo type of hair color especially about blonde is quite bad. jessie’s not sure what her type is. she dated different kinds of men and some are very different. she’s not sure if she favors certain type. hmm, tall ones, perhaps, but not necessary. however she’s not thinking too much about that. it might be great in a relationship but there are a lot of problems she has to deal with and relationship is never her strength, to be correct, weakness would be the right word. quite a few things in the world are like that. it doesn’t matter how much effort you put it, you might get nothing in return, you might get hurt badly, you might lose yourself. however, people never give up trying. has jessie given up? no, not yet. she’s just taking a long break until she meets the right person. and who knows if that person does even exist at all 🙂


she needs to get some sleep cause she’s gonna watch her students’ games at 2 a.m. and hopefully they will keep play and play and it will last until tomorrow afternoon. she set three alarm clocks for 2 a.m. that’s less than two hours. she’s a bit worried about lots of things. perhaps she will write them down later but now she does need some sleep. good night.


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