Day 14: A Day of Compliments

That’s today’s task. Flatter someone today and see if it does indeed get you anywhere. And there are some examples like: What a fine hat!  This is the best memo I’ve ever read. That toupee really suits you, your honor. (Be careful if you really want to use this one) They never told me you were beautiful as well as intelligent. That’s a nice briefcase. You’re not the boss for nothing.


Well, flattering someone is not really my strength. I usually say what I mean. However, after teaching for so many years, I’ve learned that it’s important to give compliments and encouragement. I think Taiwanese are a bit shy sometimes when it comes to saying something nice to people. Some people don’t even know how to thank people appropriately. When students say something right, telling them that they are doing a good job makes them more confident. I really think compliments make the world a better place.


Feeling sick for the second day. My headache is still bothering me. Besides that, I have a backache, sore muscles, and a stomachache. Maybe I have a cold or the flu. Or it might just because of the weather? Need to get some more rest though I slept for 14 hours last night. Unbelievable, I know. Good night and take good care 🙂


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