Day 29

Day 29: Dial a phone number at random and read this script with a Deep South accent.

You know, without Christ, without Jesus, we have no hope. Why? Well, because we know that the standard of God’s righteousness is Law, a law of the Ten Commandments, a law of statues and judgments. And which God gave unto Moses on Sinai, saying this is thy righteousness, O Israel. But you know, God also gave another law. A law revolving around a system of shedding a poor and innocent lamb’s blood. So that all who would break the Law of God, who would seek God for forgiveness and pardon, had to bring a lamb, something innocent, and slay it — although, Israel themselves never really knew the real meaning of this. Nonetheless, they were commanded to do it. Also there were other sacrifices, such as: turtle-doves, goats, oxen, red heifers.


From This book will change your life.


Hmm, dial a number at random and read that to someone, haha. how can that be?  the above passage was just one sixth of the whole text. sorry, i’m lazy and tired again even though didn’t really do much today. capital letters need some extra effort, haha, good excuse. well, slept in until noon and read most of the time. did laundry finally. made brownies requested by my nephew. brownies with earl grey tea are awesome. then that’s about it. didn’t really do any other things. wanted to organized my handouts from the past week and prepared a bit but too tired and too lazy. wanted to write to my students but didn’t do that. this kind of winter is good for lying on the bed reading, surfing the net, watching a movie, eating, drinking, or just doing nothing.


however, tomorrow i’ll have to go back to the reality. time just flies with the end of this year approaching. next week is the last week of 2012 and will be the busiest week in the whole year. i’ll be teaching six days in a row though some day just one or one and a half hours. and that will be tiring enough with the traffic and winter is just not my season. all my energy was stolen. winter is good for hibernation. that’s it. time for bed. good night 🙂


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