Day 32 Tonight Control Your Dreams

Freud postulated that our dreams are essentially the recombined elements of things that had affected us during the day. Today think very hard about these things and see if they crop up in your dreams tonight.


There are three pictures but it’s too late and I’m too lazy to take a picture. Here are the three things: Hedgehog, Aeroplane, Midget.


I like this one but it’s really difficult and almost impossible to do so. And if I want to control my dreams, hmm, those three things mentioned above I probably don’t want them to be in my dreams. I’ll have my own way, so what do I want in my dreams if I get to control them. Hmm, one of my problems is I lack imagination. Snow, perhaps, would be nice. Christmas atmosphere.


I took a sleeping pill and wrote some silly stuff and I decided it’s better to get rid of it. Complaining too much won’t get you anywhere. Well, and I didn’t remember any of my dreams. I was woken up by the alarm clock and was surprised to find that my computer was lying next to me not on the table. Couldn’t remember anything after certain point. Taking sleeping pills can be dangerous in this way. Should just go to bed like the doctor told me. Sigh. Well, try if I can sleep without it today 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 32 Tonight Control Your Dreams

  1. 已經收到了。剛剛有載下來了。可能是因為你的留言有網址,所以會被認為是垃圾郵件,所以出不來。有看到你留了三次,謝謝。



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