Day 34

Yes, I skipped Day 33 in case you have noticed. It’s a bit long, and I don’t have much time again. I don’t know why I’m always so busy. It’s another hectic day, I’ll have to say. Still had a light headache when I woke up. Actually the phone rang around a thousand times and I just ignored. It’s my niece’s school fair today and she’s doing some dance performance. She had been practicing for months and I had promised her long time ago that I would have shown up. Her mother is away in China and I told her I would try my best to get up and go but, but…sigh.  I feel pretty bad but I just couldn’t get up this morning.


I got up around noon and was a bit panic  cause I had a class at 1 p.m. I went to bed around midnight and that means I slept for around 12 hours. Something wrong with me, I think. Anyway, I arrived the class just right on time and the class went on well. Good that I had prepared a lot earlier so I didn’t really have to do much preparation today. I was starving by the time the class finished at three. I had some water, that’s it. After class I was going to take my nephew and niece to the movie, Wreck-it Ralph and I bought the tickets for 4.10 p.m. However, before that I had to discuss with my director about some classes before Chinese New Year.


By the time I left school, it was 3.40. I checked my cell phone and there were quite a few phone calls from my niece, some from my friend, and some line messages from my sister and my student and a text message from my friend. Oh my goodness. Why all of a sudden everyone is looking for me. I accidentally pressed the dial while I was chasing the bus, I guess. So when I heard my friend’s voice from the phone, I remembered that we’re supposed to get together tomorrow. I totally forgot. I’m kind of lazy on winter days and don’t feel like going anywhere. And I hope she won’t see this. To be honest, I would like to stay home and take it easy cause it’s just too much for me at the moment. It’s just winter me. I don’t feel like doing anything at all. It’s not just her. Even though I told some friends and students something like let’s get together sometime, I never do anything about it. I mean it, really, to hang out together and it would be fun but some part of me just…. I don’t know.


Anyway, right before I got off the bus, my phone rang again. It’s another school’s director calling for some classes.  My schedule will a bit crazy comparing to a few months ago and I hope I’ll be able to hand that. Well,I don’t really teach that many hours but I often spend quite a long of time preparing. Besides, I won’t have any year bonus or anything like that and I won’t get paid for the two weeks which school are off. Therefore, it might be good to be busy and get some money saved.


Well, I met my nephew and niece then we went to the movie theater just right on time. That means I didn’t have time to eat, so I had popcorn as my brunch. Dinner after movie, then some shoe shopping for the kids, then home. Then that’s more waiting for me, reply some emails and messages, and then try to buy a few books online but failed cause some stupid mistakes I made with my credit card and then spent a lot of time and then my friend called at 11 p.m. asking me why I didn’t call her as I said. Sorry, but I’m busy. I told her that I would have to return the comic book to the store by midnight so I couldn’t talk to her for long.  I think I was a bit rude but I was exhausted. I feel bad but.. sigh. I don’t know why I’m always so busy. I’ll have to read some books about time management again and set my priorities right. My room is still a mess and my handouts from the past week still scattered everywhere. Even though I get tomorrow and Tuesday off, I’ll have to teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday next week. And that’ll be a lot of preparation waiting for me. And that’s why I don’t really feel like going out tomorrow. I think it’s a bit tiring if you go to. You don’t get to relax, to be honest. My friend’s nice. She’s willing to visit in my neighborhood so I won’t have to do a lot of traveling. Now I travel two, three, sometimes four hours a day, and it’s really too much. Well, I’ll be able to stay home for two weeks during Chinese New Year. Perhaps this might make me happier? Well, the reality is that I’ll have to do a lot of cleaning and tidying up the mess in my house. Arrrrrrrrgh. Something wrong with me.


Okay. I was thinking that I wanted to make this short but how come it’s so long. Perhaps I need to do something to make me happier. Working too much is killing me in a way I might not notice. Well, let me finish writing today’s task, and then I’ll call it a day.


Day 34: Today write to a dictator to stop torture.

Sample letter:

Dear General/Minister/Grand leader,

I have been greatly disturbed to hear of the arrests of __________(check Amnesty International for recent names). I am writing to request that their whereabouts be disclosed and that they be granted immediate access to their families and lawyers. I also request that they be immediately released unless charged and brought before an ordinary court of law.

Yours sincerely,


What do you think? Which dictator will even have a look at this or reply or do anything about it? If they would, then they wouldn’t be call a dictator. Well, I guess that’s what this book is about. Wow, it’s late again. Time for bed. Praying that I won’t have a headache when I get up tomorrow morning. I  took another Imigran tablet today. Three tablets in two days isn’t very good. It’s like one for each week as usual, but I did it all in the same week this time. Sigh again 😦  Anyway, have a good sleep and hopefully I’ll feel much much better tomorrow 🙂


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