E2B L4 Family and Friends 2013/01/14





E2B L4 Family and Friends                               Jess Lin    P.1






  1. A.  Warm-up Questions

1. Are you a hardworking student?  Yes, I am. / No, I’m a lazy student.

2. Are you an engineer?   No, I’m an accountant.

3. Are you from Taipei?  Yes, I’m. I was born and grew up in Taipei.

4. Are you 25 years old?  No, I’m 35 years old!

5. Are you talkative?  Yes, I am. / No, I’m quiet.

6. Is your father a civil servant?  No, he’s retired.

7. Is your best friend married?  Yes, he’s married with two children.

8. Is your mother from Tainan?  No, she’s from Thailand.

9. Are your classmates friendly?  Yes, they are very friendly and helpful.

10. Are your parents at work?  No, they are in the night market.



  1. B.  Family Members

1. grandparent 祖父母 2. grandfather祖父 3. grandmother 祖母 4. parents 雙親

5. father 父親 6. mother 母親 7. son 兒子 8. daughter 女兒 9. grandson 孫子

10. granddaughter 孫女 11. husband  丈夫 12. wife 妻子 13. brother兄弟

14. sister姊妹 15. uncle 伯叔舅姑姨丈 16. aunt 阿姨伯母 17. cousin 堂表兄弟姊妹

A: Who is this?         B: This is my older brother.

A: How old is he?       B: He’s 25 years old.

A: What’s his job?     B: He’s an engineer.

A: Is he married?      B: No, he’s not.

E2B L4 Family and Friends                               Jess Lin    P.2

C. Family

  1. Who’s your father’s mother?  She’s my grandmother.
  2. Who’s your father’s father?  He’s my grandfather.
  3. Who’s your mother’s mother? She’s my grandmother.
  4. Who’s your mother’s father?   He’s my grandfather.
  5. Who’s your mother’s sister?   She’s my aunt.
  6. Who’s your mother’s brother?   He’s my uncle.
  7. Who’s your father’s brother?   He’s my uncle.
  8. Who’s your father’s sister?   She’s my aunt.
  9. Who is your uncle’s daughter?   She’s my cousin.
  10. Who is your aunt’s son?   He’s my cousin.
  11. Who’s your father’s daughter?  She’s my sister.
  12. Who’s your mother’s son?   He’s my brother.
  13. Who’s your son’s father?   He’s my husband.
  14. Who’s your daughter’s mother?   She’s my wife.
  15. Who’s your uncle’s son?   He’s my cousin.
  16. Who’s your aunt’s daughter?   She’s my cousin.
  17. Who’s your son’s sister?   She’s my daughter.
  18. Who’s your daughter’s brother?   He’s my son.
  19. Who’s your uncle’s wife?   She’s my aunt.

20. Who’s your aunt’s husband?   He’s my uncle.






E2B L4 Family and Friends                               Jess Lin    P.3

D. 現在簡單式Present Simple                 

現在簡單式一般動詞的句型為S + V1 (V1指的是動詞的原形)

1. 肯定句              S  +   V1    (第三人稱單數動詞後要加s)

I        have two brothers.

My mother    has three children.

2. 否定與問句需要有do或does這兩個助動詞幫忙造否定句,後面加not

否定句              S   +   do/does not    +   V1

I              don’t             have any sisters.

My father       doesn’t         have a car.

3. Yes/No 問句 把助動詞do或does放在主詞前面造問句

Do/Does   +   S    +  V1

Do              you       have a girlfriend?

Does            Tom       have any children?

4. WH問句則將疑問詞放在最前面再依序放助動詞、主詞、動詞

當what who 當主詞時,則不需要助動詞

WH                               do/does    +   S    +   V1

What                                do              you       have in your bag?

How many children          does            Lisa       have?

Who                                                                  has a nickname?







E2B L4  Unit 4 Family and Friends                 Jess Lin    P.4

E. Have Questions

  1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have one older brother and one younger sister.

  1. Do you have NT$500 in your wallet?

Hmm, let me think. Yes, I have around 1,000 dollars.

  1. Do you have five credit cards?

No, I only have three credit cards. / No, I don’t have any credit cards.

  1. Do you have a job?

Yes, I do. I’m a sales assistant.  / No, I don’t. I’m a student.

  1. Do you have a cat?

No, I don’t have any pets. / Yes, I have two cats!

  1. Do you have some interesting classmates?

Yes, I have a lot of interesting classmates and a funny teacher.

  1. Do you have English classes in the morning?

No, I don’t. I have English classes in the evening.

  1. Do you have a scooter?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. But my father has a scooter.

  1. Does your father have a beautiful daughter?

Yes, he has a beautiful daughter.

  1. Does your mother have a handsome son?

Yes, she has a handsome son.

  1. Do you _______________________?


  1. Does _________________________?


F. Talking on the phone

  1. Is this Miss Judy Lin? / Is Tom there? / Is this Dr. Smith’s office? …在嗎?
  2. May/Can I speak to Mr. Mark Jordan, please?  請問…在嗎?
  3. This is Linda. /Speaking. /It’s me. / Linda Wang.  我是…
  4. Extension 103, please.  請轉分機103。
  5. Who’s calling, please?  請問您哪位?
  6. Hold on, please. / One moment, please.  請等一下。
  7. Her line is busy now.  她忙線中。
  8. Can I take a message? / Would you like to leave a message?我可以幫你留言嗎?/你要留言嗎?
  9. Could you call back later? / I’ll tell her to call you back.你可以晚點再打嗎?/ 我請她回電給你
  10. I’m sorry. You have the wrong number. 對不起,你打錯了。




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