Day 53 Today, Return All Your Junk Mail

from “This book will change your life"

Junk mail clogs up your mailbox and forces you to spend hours every month disposing of it. But hey, if you send it back, it has the same effect on the companies who dish it out. Just write RETURN TO SENDER and change the name to B. Smith, Resources & Personnel Dept, and they will spend valuable time trying to work out who or what should be on the receiving end of your correspondence.


Yes, junk mail is annoying, but it’s not worth spending more time on it, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, I walked pass my director’s desk the other day and had a glimpse of her computer screen and it said something like “Lin Chih-ling (a famous model 林志玲)" but the next to the name said “nude pictures" and you know the rest. I was like, what the … Then my director explained that she was deleting junk mail. She got over 100 junk mails like that every day and all mixed in her regular mails. Therefore, she has to spend time to get rid of them to read the real important mail. Wow. I use gmail and I go to junk mail to check if any important mail was sent there by mistake.  I think this is one of those best things about gmail. My yahoo account, MSN account both have the same problems and gmail is just easy to use.


I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep. I haven’t really done much today. I had a two-hour one on one and then another conversation class in the early evening but I feel like I’ve been working 24 hours nonstop. Well, perhaps I haven’t really recovered from my cold. Besides, I feel a bit frustrated or guilty that I’m not doing a good job. I can’t do better. I got students asking me question but I just didn’t have time to answer. I told my students I was going to do this and that but I totally forgot. I’m just too busy and I don’t like it.


If I don’t have time to answer my student’s questions or post some other useful article, what am I doing here? Well, writing on my blog is a different story. For today’s post about diary of a wimpy kid, I knew if I don’t do it soon, I’ll never do it. Just leave it somewhere and totally forget all about it. sigh. When I started to write, I just couldn’t stop. I was almost late for this afternoon’s class that I had run all the way from the bus station to school.


After I finish tonight’s class, I was eating the dates I brought to school but didn’t have time to eat, so I didn’t want to go down directly to the MRT station. I walked around some stores on the first basement near Eslite bookstore. Then after I finished my fruit, I went into the book store to look around. I didn’t buy anything cause I know that the International Book Fair is coming this week and I probably can go there and buy the same books. and then ask them to deliver. What a good idea. Anyway, when I left the bookstore, I heard someone called “teacher" in Chinese. I turned and found my one on one student who we just finish class. What a coincidence!


Now I’m exhausted and sleepy. Should get some good sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.


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