Day 52 Life

from “This book will change your life":

What is the meaning of life? Today solve that eternal problem by looking it up in the dictionary.


Definition from Longman English Dictionary

1. The period of time when someone is alive

You have your whole life ahead of you.

2. The state of being alive

Two firefighters risked their lives to save the children.

There’s no evidence that she intended to take her own life.

3. the way you live your life, and what you do and experience during it

You shouldn’t let your boyfriend rule your life (=control and affect everything you do).

4. a) the experiences, activities, and ways of living that are typical of being in a particular job, situation, society etc:

          Why do so few women enter political life?
     b) the time in your life when you are doing a particular job, are in a particular situation etc
          Sara admits to having affairs through her married life.
5. social/personal/sex etc life: the activities in your life relating to your friends, your family, sex etc:
     I don’t need advice about my love life.
6. human existence, considered as a variety of experiences and activities:
    For some people, religion gives life a meaning.
7. a) the period of time during which something happens or exists
        The issue will not be resolved during the life of the present parliament.
    b) the period of time during which something is still good enough to use
        What’s the average life of a passenger aircraft?
8. a) the quality of being alive that people, animals, plants etc have and that objects and dead things do not have:
          In the springtime, everything comes to life again.
      b) living things, such as people, animals, or plants:
          Is there life on other plants?
Life isn’t really that complicated. I just picked the first eight definitions of life and one or two examples from my favorite Longman dictionary. I wonder how students memorize vocabulary. There are just so many words and so many definitions even though for this one they look pretty much the same. So, what’s the meaning of life? Thought about this so many times before and now I rarely think about it. I just live my life cause life is short and a lot of time the answer doesn’t just show up after you think a lot. Sometimes the answer just shows up when you completely forget about it, when you don’t think there’s really an answer at all, and when you live old enough. Saying like I know the meaning of life. No, I don’t. Or I guess I should say I think everyone has their own answer and there’s no one right answer for everyone. Life is mysterious and that’s why it’s interesting.
Can’t go too far on this or I’ll be too depressed. Not thinking too much is a way of dealing with it. Not a bad one. Time for bed. A lot to do tomorrow. Ciao.


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