E2B L11 Unit 11 I can do that





E2B L11 Unit 11 I can do that                   Jessie Lin    P.1


課程主題表達能力,要求與提供幫助,生活上的問題 句型重點can/can’t, 副詞
  1. A.  Warm-up Questions
  2.  Did you go to the movies last weekend?

Yes, I went to the movies. I saw the movie “Lincoln”.

No, I didn’t. I saw a movie last month. I forgot the name.

  1.  Did you get up early yesterday?

Yes, I got up at 8 a.m. because I had to work early yesterday.

  1.  Where were you last night?  I was at home with my family. We had a

big dinner together.

  1.  What did you buy yesterday?

I bought a new cell phone. / I didn’t buy anything.

  1.  How long did you use the computer yesterday?

I used the computer for 3 hours. I chatted online with friends.

  1.  What do you use the computer for?

I use it for work, playing online games, finding information on the Net, chatting with friends, and shopping.


B. Can 的用法

Can 是一個助動詞,有不同的用法。

第一:可以用來表能力: I can speak five languages.,

第二:可以用客氣的請求request: Can you say it again?,

第三:可以用來提供別人幫助offer: Can I help you?


1. 肯定句S  +   can +   V1

I can use a computer. He can sing. They can dance.

  1. 否定句S  + can’t+   V1 (注意可用cannot或can’t,不用 can not)

I can’t drive. He can’t play mahjong.  They can’t act.

  1. Yes/No 疑問句 Can  +  S  +  V1 ? (can是助動詞,移到主詞前即可造問句)

Can you play tennis?  Can he run fast?  Can they speak Japanese?

Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.  Yes, he can. / No, he can’t.  Yes, they can. / No, they can’t.

  1. WH疑問句  WH words + can + S + V1 ?

What can you do?  I can make cakes.

Who can cook?   Linda can cook.

Where can we go?  We can go to Tamsui.

E2B L11 Unit 11 I can do that                   Jessie Lin    P.2

  1. C.  What can they do? (P.76)

1. pilot [ˋpaɪlət] 機師 2. farmer [ˋfɑrmɚ]  農夫 3. athlete [ˋæθlit] 運動員

4. interpreter [ɪnˋtɝprɪtɚ] 口譯5. architect [ˋɑrkə͵tɛkt]建築師

6. fluently [ˋfluəntlɪ] 流利地 7. tractor [ˋtræktɚ]  耕耘機 8. draw [drɔ] 畫畫

9. plane [plen] 飛機  10. delicious [dɪˋlɪʃəs] 美味的

Tell a partner what you can do. For example:

I can speak Chinese fluently, but I can’t speak Japanese.

I can draw, but not very well.

I can run

I can’t drive, but I can ride a scooter and bicycle.

I can’t fly planes.

I can use a computer very well.

I can’t make delicious cakes, but I can cook very well.

  1. D.  How well can you sing? (P.78)

1. Spanish [ˋspænɪʃ] 西班牙文 2. Portuguese [ˋportʃʊ͵giz] 葡萄牙文

3. Korean [koˋriən] 韓文 4. musical instrument [ˋmjuzɪk!] [ˋɪnstrəmənt] 樂器 5. horse [hɔrs] 馬 6. scooter [ˋskutɚ] 摩托車

A: Can you speak Japanese?

B: Yes, I can speak Japanese very well/pretty well/really well.

Yes, I can speak Japanese well.

Yes, I can speak Japanese a little.

No, I can’t speak Japanese at all.

Names Notes
1. Can you speak Korean?
2. Can you play basketball?
3. Can you sing?
4. Can you dance?
5. Can you play a musical instrument?
6. Can you cook?
7. Can you play mahjong?
8. Can you ride a scooter?

E2B L11 Unit 11 I can do that                   Jessie Lin    P.3

  1. E.  Requests and Offers 要求與提供協助(P.79)


提供協助:Can I help you? What can I do for you?

提出要求:Can I have a hamburger? Can you help me with my homework?



  1. 我可以幫你嗎?
  2. 可以請你跟我說現在幾點嗎?
  3. 你可以來我的派對嗎?
  4. 我可以來一杯水嗎?
  5. 可以請你說慢一點嗎?
  6. 我可以載你一程嗎?
  1. F.  Everyday problems 日常生活的問題(P.83)

1. directions [dəˋrɛkʃənz] 方向2. a ticket machine [ˋtɪkɪt] [məˋʃin] 售票機

3. arriving late [əˋraɪvɪŋ] [let]遲到4. a lost passport [lɔst] [ˋpæs͵port] 遺失機票 5. an accident [ˋæksədənt] 意外6. work [wɝk] 有用7. turn [tɝn] 轉

8. left [lɛft] 左 9. right [raɪt] 右  10. Avenue [ˋævə͵nju] 大道

11. straight [stret] 直的 12 ahead [əˋhɛd] 向前的 13. miss 錯過

14. wrong [rɔŋ] 錯的15. push [pʊʃ] 按,壓 16. button [ˋbʌtn] 按鈕

17. airport [ˋɛr͵port] 機場18. arm [ɑrm] 手臂19. hurt [hɝt] 受傷,痛的

20. it doesn’t matter [ˋmætɚ] 沒關係

  1. G.  Review Questions
  2. What can you do?  I can sing, I can swim, and I can speak English.
  3. What can’t you do?  I can’t cook, I can’t drive, and I can’t dance.
  4. What can you do on the Internet? I can go on facebook, chat with friends, and find information on the Net.
  5. Where can you buy food after midnight? I can go to the night market or convenience stores like 7-11.
  6. What language can you speak?  I can speak English, Mandarin, and a little Japanese.
  7. Can you drive? Yes, I can drive very well. I have a driver’s license.
  8. Can I borrow your pen, please? Sure. Here you are. / Sorry. It’s not my pen.
  9. Can you tell me the time, please? Yes. It’s 3.50. / Sorry. I don’t have a watch.

E2B L11 Unit 11 I can do that                   Jessie Lin    P.4

H. Review questions

  1. What’s your last name? My last name is Lin.
  2. Where are you from?  I’m from Taipei.
  3. Where is your father from?  He’s from Chunghwa.
  4. Is your mother from Korea?  No, she’s from Thailand.
  5. Where’s Tokyo?  It’s in Japan.
  6. What’s your cell phone number?  It’s 099123456.
  7. How old is your mother? She is 56 years old.
  8. Is your best friend married? No, he’s single.
  9. What’s your job? Where do you work? I’m a clerk. I work at Starbucks.
  10. Do you have a sister? What’s her job? Yes, I do. She’s a nurse.
  11. Where’s your office/school? It’s in Xinyi District, near Taipei 101.
  12. What do you have in your bag? I have a wallet, a book, and some keys.
  13. What sports do you like? I like basketball.
  14. What drinks do you like? I like juice and water.
  15. What food do you like? I like hamburgers.
  16. How many languages does your father speak? He speaks two languages.
  17. Does your best friend like Italian food? Yes, he loves Italian food.
  18. What time do you go to bed on weekend? I go to bed at 2 a.m.
  19. Do you get up at 7.30 on weekdays? No, I get up at 8.

20. Where do you have lunch? I have lunch in the office.

  1. What do you do after work/school? I usually just go home and relax.

22. How many people are there in your family? There are three people.

23. Are there any photographs in the classroom? No, there aren’t.

24. Is there a computer in your bedroom? Yes, there is.

25. Where is your cell phone? It’s in my pocket.

26. What did you do last weekend?  I visited my parents in Taichung.

27. When did you last go shopping? What did you buy?

I went shopping last weekend. I bought a new cellphone.

28. Did you eat in a restaurant last night? No, I didn’t. I ate at home.

29. Who did you call yesterday? I didn’t call anyone.

30. Where were you last night?  I was at home.




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