E4B L4 Take it easy



E4B L4 Take it easy!                                    Jessie Lin   P.1






 A.  Do you have a healthy lifestyle? (P.30)

1. Do you have breakfast every morning? Yes, I do.

What do you usually eat?  I have soybean milk and an egg pancake.

Where do you usually eat breakfast?  I eat breakfast in the office.

What time do you eat breakfast?  I eat breakfast at 9.30.

2.  Do you eat a lot of vegetables? No, I don’t.

What do you usually eat?  I eat a lot of meat and rice.

Why don’t you eat vegetables?  Because I don’t like the taste.

3. Do you drink a lot of water?  Yes, I do. I drink 8 glasses of water every day.

What kind of drink do you like? I like water and fresh juice.

4. Do you walk to school/work?  No, I don’t.

How do you go to school?  I ride a scooter.

5. Do you play a sport?  Yes, I sometimes play basketball.

Where do you play basketball?  I play basketball in the park near where I live. There’s a big basketball court.

6. Do you stay up late?  No, I don’t. I have to get up early for work.

What time do you go to bed?  I go to bed before midnight.

7. Do you drink a lot of soda?  No, I don’t. It’s not healthy.

What do you do to stay healthy?  I eat a lot of vegetables and do exercise.

8. Do you like fast food?  Yes, I do. I eat at McDonald’s twice a week.

Which do you like better? KFC or McDonald’s? Why? I love McDonald’s because it’s cheap and convenient. There’s one near my office.

9. Do you watch a lot of TV?  Yes, I do.

What kind of TV programs do you watch?  I watch news, Korean dramas, and American series.

10. Do you play computer games? Yes, I do. I have Wii, PlayStation 3, and X-box.

How often do you play computer games? Not very often. I only paly on the weekend.



E4B L4 Take it easy!                                    Jessie Lin   P.2

B.  現在簡單式的一般動詞的句型


  1. 肯定句

S  + V1

I       ride a bicycle.

You   take a bus.

He    drives a car.

She   rides a scooter.

It     sleeps.

We    walk.

You    take the MRT.

They   take the train.

  1. 否定句


S   +   do/does not    + V1

I          do not        eat beef.

You         do not        like Japanese food.

He         does not       drink coffee.

She        does not       cook.

It          does not       work.

We         do not        get up early.

You         do not        sleep for eight hours.

They        do not        play mahjong.

  1. Yes/No 問句

現在簡單是造問句需要有助動詞do, does來幫忙。句型是把助動詞放在主詞前面造問句即可。

Do/Does  +  S       +  V1

Do             I          work hard?

Do         you        play basketball?

Does       he         go bowling?

Does       she        watch sports on TV?

Does       it          have fun?

Do         we         go jogging?

Do         you        do yoga?

Do         they       play sports?

E4B L4 Take it easy!                                    Jessie Lin   P.3

  1. WH問句


WH疑問詞  +   助動詞    +  主詞  + 動詞  +(其他部分)?

WH           +    do/does    +   S     +       V1                ?


What 問什麼,可以跟其他的字組合來問不同問題

What do you do in your free time?  I play online games in my free time.

What do you think of Korean dramas?  I think it’s very interesting.

What kind of food does Lisa like?   She likes Indian food.

Where 問地點  

Where do you live?   I live in Tucheng.

Where do you go to school?  I go to National Taiwan University.

Where does your father work?  He works in a bank.

When 問時間

When do you exercise?  I exercise every Monday and Wednesday.

When do you visit your parents?  I visit my parents on big holidays.

When does Peter go on vacation?  He goes on vacation in August.

Why 問理由

Why do you study English?

I study English because it’s an international language.

Why do you like Thai food?  Because I lived in Thailand when I was a child.

Why does your father work in China?  Because the pay is better.


Who do you live with?  I live with my coworkers.

Who do you play badminton with?  I paly badminton with my sister.

Who does Mary work for?  She works for her aunt.

How 問如何,可以跟其他的字組合來問不同問題

How often do you get a haircut?  I get a haircut twice a year.

How long do you use the computer every day?

I use the computer for four or five hours.

How much does the dress cost?  It costs NT$2,500.



What makes your happy?  Helping people makes me happy.

Who cooks dinner for you?  My dad cooks dinner for me.

E4B L4 Take it easy!                                    Jessie Lin   P.4

C.  WH Questions

  1. ________ do you eat for breakfast? I have a sandwich and coffee.
  2. ________ do you read the news? I read the news online.
  3. ________ do you surf the Net? It depends. I use my cell phone to surf the Net, so I can do it anytime I want.
  4. ________ do you study English?  Because I want to stay abroad.
  5. ________ music do you listen to? I listen to jazz and classical.
  6. ________ do you relax? I get a massage to relax.
  7. ________ does laundry for you?
  8. ________ do you go on vacation?  I go on vacation in summer.
  9. ________ do you go after work? Not much. I go to a gym twice a week. Most of the time I just go home and relax.
  10. ________ you spend a lot of time playing online games? Yes, I love online games. Maybe two or three hours a day.
  11. ________ do you go to bed on weekdays?  I go to bed around 1 a.m.    ________ about weekends?  I stay up until 3 or 4 a.m.
  12. ________ makes you angry?





E4B L4 Take it easy!                                    Jessie Lin   P.5

D.助動詞DO/DOESAM/IS/ARE 造問句時的用法與區別  


英文造問句與改否定的時候都需要一個助動詞,這個助動詞依主詞,表達的時態,表達的語態會有所不同。造問句的時候要把助動詞放到主詞前面,造否定把not放到助動詞後面。 要決定用do/does還是am/is/are造問句,首先要看句子本身有沒有一般動詞,如果有一般動詞就用do/does,沒有的話就用am/is/are。再來看人稱,再決定用的是do或does,是am, is, 還是are。



一般動詞 :主詞+動詞原型 (第三人稱單數加s)

S      +    V1

I/You/We/They work.     Where do you work?    Do your parents work?

He/She/It works.        Where does he work?   Does your mother work?


  BE :主詞+現在式BE +名詞/形容詞/介系詞片語

S + BE1 + noun/adjective/preposition phrase

I am a teacher.                      Where am I?                     Am I tall?

He/She/It is happy.               Why is he happy?              Is he handsome?

We/You/They are at home.     Where are the kids?           Are they at home?



S  +  BE1 + V-ing

I am cooking.                          What am I doing?         Am I dreaming?

He/She/It is dancing.               How is he doing?         Is he sleeping?

We/You/They are  singing.    Why are they singing?   Are they crying?


過去式也是如此推斷,過去簡單式就用did或was/were造問句,過去進行式用was/were造問句。 。現在完成式用have/has,過去完成式用had。未來式用am/is/are或will。不同語態就用不同的助動詞如:would, could, can, may, …等。

Use the following words to make  questions with am/is/are or do/does.





E4B L4 Take it easy!                                    Jessie Lin   P.5

E. 把下列句子加入適當的助動詞am/is/are/do/does後改成問句

1.     you / lazy or hardworking

2.    Taipei / a noisy city

3.    you / use the computer every day

4.    your brother / smoke

5.    your father/living abroad (住國外)

6.    your parents/ generous or stingy (大方或小氣)

7.    the weather/ terrible today

8.    you / sleep naked  (裸睡)

9.    your friends / smart

10.  your classmates / sitting now

11.   your mother / work in a bank

12.  your blood type / A  (血型)

13.  you / have a  pet

14.  your classmates / naughty    (淘氣)

15.  Jay Chou / a top model   (名模)

16.  your English teacher / helpful

17.  your shoes / new

18.  your best friend / married

19.  you / a careless person  (粗心大意的人)

20.  you / reading a good book at the moment

21.  your mother / cook dinner for you

22.  President Ma / busy

23.  you / over 18 years old

24.  English / easy or difficult for you

25.  you / in a good mood today   (好心情)








E4B L4 Take it easy!                                  Jessie Lin   P.6

F. Leisure Activities 休閒活動

1 chat online 線上聊天  2 check email  收信  3 clean  打掃  4 cook  做菜

5 daydream  做白日夢  6 do exercise  做運動  7 do homework  寫功課

8 do housework 做家事 9 do nothing  什麼都不做  10 dance  跳舞

11 download movies  下載電影  12draw  畫畫  13drink coffee  喝咖啡

14 drink tea  喝茶  15 get a haircut  剪頭髮  16 get a massage  做按摩

17 go cycling  騎腳踏車 18 go dancing  跳舞  19 go for a ride/drive  兜風

20 go for a stroll  閒晃  21 go for a walk  散步  22 go jogging  慢跑

23 go rollerblading 溜直排輪 24 go sightseeing 觀光 25 go swimming 游泳

26 go to a library 上圖書館 27 go to a mall 逛商場 28 go to a club  去跳舞

29 go window shopping 逛街只看不買 30 hangout with friends  與朋友一起

31 listen to music  聽音樂  32 listen to the radio  聽廣播  33 paint  畫畫

33 play soccer 踢足球  34 play cards  玩牌  35 play mahjong  打麻將

36 play computer games  玩電腦遊戲  37 play online games  玩線上遊戲

38 play tennis打網球39 play with children跟小孩玩40 play with pets 玩寵物

41 read a book 看書 42 read a comic 看漫畫  43 read a magazine  看雜誌

44 read a newspaper 看報紙 45 relax 放鬆 46 send text messages 寫簡訊

47 ski 滑雪 48 surf the Internet上網 49 take a class  上課

50 take a course  上課程  51 take care of children  照顧小孩

52 take photos  拍照  53 text friends  寫簡訊給朋友  54 tidy  整理

55 visit a museum  去博物館  56 visit a night market  去夜市

57 visit a temple  去廟裡拜拜  58 visit an exhibit  去看展覽

59 visit family 拜訪家人,回家  60 visit friends  找朋友

61 watch/rent a DVD看/租光碟62 watch a movie看電影

63 watch a performance 看表演 64 have a party 辦派對 65 work out 運動

66 go to the KTV 去KTV唱歌  67 go to the hot spring  去泡溫泉         68 play sports 做運動 69 eat out /eat in a restaurant 外食  70 swim 游泳  71. have a barbeque 烤肉   72. go hiking 健行 73. watch TV看電視

A: What am I doing? (mime an activity)

B: I think you are dancing.

A: Yeah, you’re right. Do you like dancing?

B: No, I don’t. I like singing and playing tennis. How about you?

A: I like dancing, cooking, and doing yoga.

E4B L4 Take it easy!                                  Jessie Lin   P.7

G. Present Simple Questions

  1. What do you do to relax? I do yoga to relax.
  2. What do you do to keep in shape? I take the stairs and eat two meals a day.
  3. What do you do to get rid of a headache? I usually just drink coffee, but sometimes I take a painkiller.
  4. What do you do to improve your English? I go to a bar and talk to foreigners.
  5. Where do you go to have fun? I go to the KTV or clubs to have fun.
  6. Where do you go to eat a delicious meal? I go to the night market.
  7. Where do you go to buy clothes? It depends. I usually go to the department stores, but I buy clothes from street vendors, too.
  8. What do you do to help the environment? I bring my own chopsticks and spoons when I eat out, I recycle paper and plastic bottles.
  9. What do you do to celebrate birthdays? I eat a big dinner with my family.
  10. What do you do to remember things? I use notes or write them on my hand.


H. Social Expressions

1. You are late for class. Apologize and give an excuse.

2. Borrow something from your classmate.

3. Make a request.

4. Buy a ticket.













E4B L4 Take it easy!                                  Jessie Lin   P.9

Answer Key解答

  1. C.  WH Questions
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. How often
  5. Why
  6. What kind of
  7. How
  8. Who
  9. When
  10. What
  11. How long
  12. What time, How
  13. What


1. Are  2. Is  3. Do  4. Does  5. Is 6. Are  7. Is  8. Do  9. Are 10. Are

11. Does  12. Is  13. Do  14. Are  15. Is  16. Is  17. Are  18. Is  19. Are

20. Are  21. Does  22. Is  23. Are  24. Is  25. Are



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