E4B L6 Can you speak English



E4B L6 Unit 6 Can you speak English?                 Jessie Lin  P.1





can, could表能力,過去式be(was, were)


A. Warm-up Questions

1. What’s your favorite Web site?

My favorite Web site is BBC Learning English.

2. What’s interesting about it?

It provides a lot of free and fun materials for people who want to learn English.

3. What other Web sites do you go to a lot?

I go to Facebook, Yahoo news, YouTube, and Google a lot.

4. Do you ever use Web sites for shopping? banking? doing research?

Of course. I buy books and clothes online a lot. I also use online banking because it’s really convenient. In my opinion, Google is the best search engine of all.

5. Do you have your own Web page or Web site?

No, I don’t, but I’m thinking about to start a blog. I guess it’ll be very interesting.


B. Can

Can 是一個助動詞,

  1. 可以用來表能力: I can speak five languages.
  2. 或者是客氣的請求request: Can you say it again?
  3. 提供別人幫助offer: Can I help you?

Can 是一個情態助動詞,不管主詞是什麼都是用can,後面接動詞的原形,一定不可以加to( I can to swim.)也不可以用動名詞(I can swimming)。否定比較特別,不用 can not,用cannot或can’t,疑問句則把can移到主詞前面造問句。

S  +   can/can’t   +   V1

I        can              speak three languages.

You    can          use a computer.

He     can’t        drive a car.

Can   +        S       +   V1

Can    you             speak Japanese?   Yes, I can.  / No, I can’t.

Can   they      play basketball?   Yes, they can. / No, they can’t.


E4B L6 Unit 6 Can you speak English?                 Jessie Lin  P.2

C. Can and Can’t

Speaking naturally  from Touchstone 1 unit 9 p.87

What can you do here?   You can to go the zoo. You can’t go on Mondays.

Listen and complete the sentences with can or can’t. Then make them true for your city. Discuss with a partner.

1. You _____ see a lot of famous people.

2. You _____ spend a day at the beach.

3. You _____ take a ferry to an island.

4. You _____ sit at outdoor café at night.

5. You _____ see a different movie every night.

6. You _____ go to a show or concert every weekend.

A: You can’t see a lot of famous people in our city.

B: No, you can’t.


D. Where in the world….?

Where in the world can you do these things? Think of a different country or city for each activity.

  1. Where can you ride an elephant or camel?  駱駝
  2. Where can you climb a very high mountain?
  3. Where can you go snorkeling on a coral reef? 在珊瑚礁上浮淺
  4. Where can you visit several islands?
  5. Where can you take photos of amazing landscapes? 景色
  6. Where can you see buildings over 500 years old?
  7. Where can you see a pyramid? 金字塔
  8. Where can you go on a tour of a palace or a castle?  宮殿或城堡
  9. Where can you take a cable car ride?  搭電纜車
  10. Where can you hear traditional music?  傳統音樂
  11. Where can you see traditional dance?
  12. Where can you eat very spicy food?


A: Where can you ride an elephant?

B: Let me think. I think you can ride an elephant in Thailand.

A: Right. Where can you ride a camel?

B: I guess you can ride a camel in Egypt.


E4B L5 Unit 6 Can you speak English?             Jess Lin     P.3

E. 過去簡單式Past Simple                        


主詞+過去式Be動詞   +名詞/形容詞/介係詞加地點

S  + was/were       +noun/ adjective /prep+location

肯定句     S + Be-verb +noun/ adjective /prep+location

I      was      a housewife.

You     were     happy earlier.

My father   was      at home this morning.




否定句    S + Be-verb + not +  noun/ adjective /prep+location

I      was    not    a Japanese teacher.

You     were   not    sad.

My father   was    not    at work.


Yes/No 問句 把Be動詞放在主詞前面造問句

Be-verb +  S  +          noun/ adjective /prep+location

Was      I                loud?

Were     you              in the office this afternoon?

Was    your mother         away last week?



WH       Be-verb +  S  +     noun/ adjective /prep+location

Where      was       I          born?

Where      were      you       last night?

How        was      your day?




E4B L5 Unit 6 Can you speak English?              Jess Lin     P.4


F. Past Tense Be Questions

1. How old were you when you could ride a motor scooter?

I could ride a scoter when I was in high school.

2. How old were you when you could speak English?

I could speak English when I was 10 years old.

3. How old were you when you could cook? I still can’t cook now.

4. How old were you when you got your driver’s license?

I got my driver’s license when I was 25 years old.

5. How old were you when you got married/served in the military/got your first salary?

I got married when I was 25.

6. What was your favorite food when you were a kid? It was chocolate.

7. What was your nickname when you were a kid? It was grandpa.

8. When was your bedtime when you were a kid? It was nine o’clock.

9. Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a kid?

It was Doraemon.

10. What were you like when you were a kid?

I was tall and handsome. I was very naughty.

11. Were you late for class/work today? No, I wasn’t late for class.

12. Were you busy this week? Yes, I was extremely busy this week.

13. Were you happy yesterday? Yes, I was very happy. I won the lottery.

14. Were your classmates quiet five minutes ago? No, they were not quiet.

15. Were you at home last night? No, I wasn’t. I was in class.

16. Were you tired last Sunday night? Yes, I was exhausted(累壞了).

17. Who were you with this morning? I was with my coworkers this morning.

18. How was your day? It was pretty good.

19. Where were you born? I was born in Tainan, but I grew up in Taipei.

20. How was your last vacation? It was great. I went to Hong Kong.

21. When was the last time you were very angry? It was last weekend.

22. Where was your best vacation? It was in Switzerland in 2007 when I visited my best friend Andy.


E4B L5 Unit 6 Can you speak English?             Jess Lin     P.5


G. Talking on the phone

  1. Is this Miss Judy Lin? / Is Tom there? / Is this Dr. Smith’s office?
  2. May/Can I speak to Mr. Mark Jordan, please?
  3. This is Linda. /Speaking. /It’s me. / Linda Wang.
  4. Extension 103, please.  請轉分機103。
  5. Who’s calling, please?  請問您哪位?
  6. Hold on, please. / One moment, please.  請等一下。
  7. Her line is busy now. / She’s in but she’s not in her desk now. / She’s not in now.  她忙線中。/她在辦公室,可是現在不在座位上。/她不在。
  8. Can I take a message? / Would you like to leave a message?我可以幫你留言嗎?/你要留言嗎?
  9. Could you call back later? / I’ll tell her to call you back.你可以晚點再打嗎?/ 我請她回電給你。
  10.  I’m sorry. I have another call. Can I put you on hold for a moment?不好意思?我有另一通電話。你可以等一下嗎?
  11. I’m sorry. You have the wrong number. 對不起,你打錯了。
  12. This is Jessie Lin calling from ABC company. I’m sorry, but I have to reschedule tomorrow’s meeting. Please call me at 2222-7909. Thank you.我是ABC公司的林潔西。很抱歉,我必須跟你更改明天會議的時間。請回電給我,我的電話是2222-7909。謝謝。



E. Role Play

  1. Call your friend and ask him/her to come to your barbecue party this weekend. Tell him/her the time, place, and what to bring.
  2. Call you friend. He/She’s not in. Leave a message. Say your name, phone, number, and the reason you call.
  3. Call the wrong number. Check the phone number.
  4. Call your client. He/She is on another line. You can’t wait because you’re going out. Ask him/her to call you on your mobile.



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