think, guess, suppose, assume 的用法與不同 附影片

上次錄失敗,這次第一次畫圖畫半天,開突然覺得不想開,結果第二次半夜才開,應該有成功。大概半小時後才開始說 think, guess, suppose, assume 的不同,然後前面因為沒有帶麥克風,所以一直有電風扇的風聲,前面幾分鐘換電腦之後有斷掉一下,之後聲音就比較清楚,前面是在說大家一直覺得出國就能學好英文這個誤解,大概說了一些自己留學遊學的經驗分享。




潔西家文法教室               Jessie

出國一定就能學好英文嗎?  It depends!   China Town   Maple Leaves

1 遊學,留學,打工度假

2 國家

3 費用

4 住宿 home stay , old people, senior citizen,


studying abroad 遊學,留學  working holiday

I studied in a language school for a month in Toronto. Then I went to Montreal and Quebec to travel for a month.

I studied in Sydney for one and a half years to get my master degree.

I want to get an Australian Working Holiday Visa to work and travel in Australia.


France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

British English

American English

Australian English

accent 口音  educated people

If you could do over, what would you?

discrimination    gym member

Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong people, Hong Konger


hang out together

Yellow (x)   Asians 亞洲人

Black (x)   African American 非裔美國人

White (x)   Caucasian  高加索人  CSI  Crime Scene Investigation

Politically Correct   PC   政治正確

waiter, waitress, server 服務生

salesman, saleswoman, salesperson 銷售員  clerk



having an affair 外遇

culture shock 文化衝擊  culture differences


1 active, outgoing, talkative,  mingle, westerners, sexual harassment

2 join a club 社團,  activities 活動,   volunteer 志工, take a lesson 上課, salsa 騷莎


drug, rape, date rape,


staff only   apple



discrimination 歧視


Australia : PR   二等公民

working holiday



wedding banquet 婚宴

year end banquet 尾牙

wei ya  尾牙

year end bonus 年終獎金


跨年晚會 countdown party

crossing year party (x)



think  認為,想法,信念

have a particular opinion or idea or believe something is true 主觀的


You look familiar. I think we’ve met before.      pick up line 把妹台詞

I think it’s important to learn English.             I was born in 2002.

What do you think of the movie “Your Name”?     love stories,

romantic comedies, 浪漫喜劇 animation 動畫

talent   good memories   新海誠:言葉之庭   ,Jimmy Kimmel   Halloween

Trick or Treat


guess (suppose: more formal)  猜想

to make a conclusion that something is true, have no prior knowledge

I think, but I’m not absolutely sure, implies some doubt or lack of conviction

give an answer to a particular question when you do not have all the facts and cannot be sure if you are correct


I’m not sure, but I guess he is about thirty years old.

I guess they will arrive soon.

I didn’t know all the answers, so I had to guess some of them.

She guessed that he had been drinking all night.     alcoholic 酒精中毒的人


midterm, final exam


night market, have some snacks, Taiwanese snacks,  fries, French fries


suppose is more formal and less frequent  推測

the speaker believes something to be true without actually knowing that it is true.

used to say you think something is true, although you are uncertain about it

used to show unwillingness to agree


twitch   donate :$4.99   streamer , stream   2=60



I supposed you’re right.

He didn’t answer his phone, so I suppose he is busy.

We all supposed her to be Japanese, but in fact she was Korean.

I suppose that all the tickets will be sold by now.

‘Can I go with you?’ ‘Oh, I suppose so.’

I don’t agree with it, but I suppose that it’s for the best.


assume (suppose: more formal)  推測,認為 (共識)    language exchange

to think that everyone knows what we are saying.

base on my knowledge and experience I think

take it for granted  理所當然

to accept something to be true without question or proof

to think that something is true although you don’t have definite proof

I expect that you know


Taiwanese parents assume their children will take care of them when they get old.

I didn’t see you car, so I assumed you’d gone out.

I assumed that you knew each other because you went to the same school.

I assumed she was a student.

I just assumed the man standing next to May was her boyfriend



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