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3/15 Friday  4:27 p.m.

Just finished an online class. The student asked me how to speak in sentences which are more complicated. Wow! That’s a difficult question. Because we are not native speakers, we tend to use simple sentences to express ourselves, which is nothing wrong. However, there’s a point when you want to advance your language skills.

I told the student to use connection words to put his sentences together, and perhaps read more. When I speak, I don’t even think about what sentence patterns I am going to use. I just say it. I went online to see if I can find any ideas. It turned out what they say is pretty much what I said to that student. You listen and read more, memorizing some sentences, and then you speak them out. It sounds easy, but it’s much more difficult to put it into practice. Finding the right materials which suits you is not easy. Then you have to find time to practice. I guess writing down some thoughts might help. If you can’t write a complicated sentence, then you don’t expect yourself speak something complicated. Oh, by the way, when I say complicated sentences, I mean use and, but, so, because, although, if, that, who, words like these to connect sentences.

My room is a mess. I’ve been busy, and that’s always a good excuse. I stayed late until 4 a.m. last night to prepare for today’s class. It took me like four hours to prepare today’s two-hour class. The class was okay. I’m not sure if that’s what my student wanted cause he had had quite a few different teachers, both Taiwanese and English native speakers. I’ve tried my best to provide something I think might be useful and explain as clear as I can. I didn’t really got any feedback, and I think it’s common for Taiwanese. They don’t tell you if they like the way you teach or not directly. I was a little bit disappointed, but just for a while. I really don’t have time for that. There are some many things waiting for me to do. Take another look of my messy room. It’ll take forever to tidy it. Sigh.

I slept until noon today, but still feel tired. It’s only 5.30 p.m. Time for some more work! Have a good weekend! I can’t believe another week is almost over AGAIN!



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