【潔西家】多益必考單字 181-240 + Happy Valentine’s Day

To love is nothing. 

To be loved is something. 

But to love and be loved

that’s everything. 








181 destination 名,目的地, 

181 Kenting is a popular holiday destination. 墾丁是個熱門的度假勝地。

182 detail 名,細節, 

182 Tell me the main points now; leave the details till later. 現在跟我說重點,細節晚一點再說。


183 diet 名,飲食, 

183 It is important to have a balanced diet. 有均衡的飲食是很重要的。


184 digital 形,數位的, 

184 We are moving our CCTV to a fully digital network. 我們把我們的閉路電視(監視器)轉成全面的數位系統。


185 direction 名,方向, 

185 He has a good sense of direction. 他方向感很好。


186 director 名,經理,主任,董事, 

186 Have you met the new finance director? 你跟新的財務經理見過面了嗎?


187 discount 名,折扣, 

187 Members get a 15% discount. 會員有百分之十五折扣。


188 discuss 動,討論, 

188 I’d like to discuss this matter with you later. 我想到等等跟你討論這件事。


189 dish 名,盤子,菜餚, 

189 The menu includes a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. 菜單包含了很多選項的素食菜餚。


190 display 動,陳列,名,展示品, 

190 There’s an Egyptian art collection on display at the museum. 有個埃及藝術典藏在博物館展示。


191 dispose 動,處置,解決, 

191 There must be a better way to dispose of nuclear waste. 一定有個比較好的方式來處理核廢料。


192 distribution 名,分配,配送, 

192 The farm washes and packages the fruit for distribution to retail store. 農場洗跟包裝水果配送到零售商。


193 division 名,部門, 

193 The research and development division has improved the quality of its products. 研發部門已經改進產品的品質。


194 documentary 名,紀錄片,形,文書的, 

194 There were some interesting interviews in the documentary. 紀錄片中有些有趣的訪談。


195 donation 名,捐贈, 

195 He makes a donation to the charity every month. 他每個月捐錢給慈善機構。


196 due 形,預期的,due to 因為, 

196 Her new book is due to be published next month. 她的新書預期下個月出版。 

196 The flight has been canceled due to a mechanical problem. 航班因為機械問題被取消了。


197 durable 形,耐久的

197 The machines have to be made of durable materials. 這機械必須要用耐用的材質來製作。



198 edition 名,版本, 

198 They have produced a new limited edition CD. 他們製作了一張限量版本的 CD。


199 editor 名,編輯, 

199 He’s the editor of a magazine. 他是一個雜誌的編輯。


200 efficient 形,效率高的, 

200 The loan application process at this bank is efficient. 這家銀行貸款申請的程序很有效。

201 effort 名,努力, 

201 We put a lot of effort into the project. 我們投入很多努力到這個企劃案。


202 electronic 形,電子的, 

202 This dictionary is available in electronic form. 這本字典有電子版本。


203 eligible 形,有資格的, 

203 You will be eligible to receive employee benefits. 你將有資格得到員工福利。


204 employment 名,受雇,就業, 

204 I am glad to confirm your employment as an account, effective March 1. 我很高興跟你確認雇用當一個會計,從三月一日起生效。


205 enclose 動,隨信附上,

205 I have enclosed the watch and the payment receipt. 我隨信附上手錶跟付款的收據。


206 encourage 動,鼓勵,刺激, 

206 We were encouraged to learn foreign languages at school. 求學時我們被鼓勵去學習外語。


207 engineer 名,工程師, 

207 I need the advice of a qualified engineer. 我需要一個合格的工程師的忠告。


208 enhance 動,增進, 

208 This is an opportunity to enhance the reputation of the company. 這是個增進公司名聲的機會。


209 enroll 動,註冊,加入, 

209 He is enrolled as a full-time student. 他註冊成為全職學生。


210 ensure 動,確保,

210 Please ensure that all lights are switched off. 請確保所有的燈都被關上。

211 entertainment 名,娛樂, 

211 This film is good family entertainment. 這部電影是很好的全家性娛樂。


212 entire 形,全部的, 

212 It was the best day in my entire life. 那是我這輩子最棒的一天。


213 entitle 動,使有資格, 

213 Children and the elderly are entitled to cheap tickets. 小孩子跟老年人可以買比較便宜的票。


214 entrance 名,入口, 

214 He dropped me off at the main entrance. 他放我在大門口。


215 envelope 名,信封, 

215 Writing paper and envelopes are provided in your room. 你的房間提供有信紙跟信封。


216 equipment 名,設備, 

216 He demonstrated how to use the equipment. 他示範如何使用那個設備。


217 errand 名,差事, 

217 She often runs errands for her mother. 她常常幫她媽媽跑腿。

218 establish 動,建立, 

218 The college was established in 1989. 那所大學是在 1989 年創辦的。


219 established 形,著名的,既定的, 

219 She is a well-established and successful author. 她是個有名又成功的作家。


220 estimate 動,估計,名,估計, 

220 These are the figures, but they’re only a rough estimate. 這些是數據,但是他們只是大約的估計。

221 evaluation 名,評估, 

221 They took some samples of products for evaluation. 他們取了一些產品的樣本來評估。


222 exceed 動,超出, 

222 The book’s success has exceeded all our expectations. 這本書的成功超出了我們所有人的期待。


223 excessive 形,過度的, 

223 Excessive drinking can lead to stomach disorder. 過度的喝酒會導致胃部的問題。


224 exchange 動,交換,名,交換, 

224 Sale goods can be brought back to the store for an exchange. 拍賣的貨物能被拿回店裡換貨。


225 executive 名,行政主管,形,管理的, 

225 He’s a senior executive in a computer firm. 他是一個資深行政主管在一家電腦公司。


226 exhibit 動,展出,名,展出物, 

226 His paintings have been exhibited all over the world. 他的畫作在全世界展出。

227 expand 動,擴張, 

227 We have plans to expand into the Europe market. 我們有計畫要擴張進入歐洲市場。


228 expectation 名,期待, 

228 The concert lived up to our expectation. 這演唱會完全符合我們的期待。


229 experience 名,經驗, 

229 His lack of practical experience was a disadvantage. 他的缺乏實務經驗是個缺點。


230 expert 名,專家, 

230 We need to bring in an expert to deal with this problem. 我們需要找專家來處理這個問題。

231 expiration 名,到期, 

231 The milk is good until it’s expiration date of the package. 這牛奶可以保存到包裝上的保存期限。


232 express 動,表達, 

232 I would like to express my thanks for your kindness. 我想要表達對你的仁慈的謝意。


233 extend 動,擴大, 延展

223 The client has agreed to extend the deadline. 客戶同意延長截止日期。

234 extensive 形,廣闊的,廣泛的, 

234 His knowledge of English grammar is extensive. 


235 external 形,外部的, 

235 This cream is for external use only. 這個藥膏只可以外用。


236 extra 形,額外的

236 Residents can use the gym at no extra cost. 居民可以免費使用健身房。



237 facility 名,場所, 設施

237 The leisure facilities include a sauna and a gym. 休閒設施包括了蒸氣室跟健身房。


238 fare 名,車費, 

238 The return fare will cost you less than two single tickets. 來回車費會比你買兩張單程票還便宜。


239 feature 名,特色,動,以…為特色, 

239 The exhibition features paintings by Picasso. 這個展覽是以畢卡索的畫為特色。


240 fee 名,費用, 

240 Students take out loans to cover tuition fees. 學生申請貸款來付學費。




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