【潔西家】多益必考單字 241-300


241 feedback 名,回饋意見, 

241 There was a lot of positive feedback which was very encouraging. 有很多鼓勵人心的正面的回饋。


242 fence 名,籬笆, 

242 The two women chatted over the garden fence. 兩個女人隔著花園籬笆聊天。


243 field 名,領域,田野, 

243 All of them are experts in their chosen field. 他們都是他們選擇領域的專家。

244 figure 名,數字, 

244 Retailers are reporting their March sales figures  today. 零售商今天要報導他們的三月銷售數字。


245 file 名,檔案,動,歸檔, 

245 We keep your records on file for three years. 我們把你的資料存檔三年。


246 fill 動,填寫,裝滿, 

246 He filled most of his time watching YouTube videos. 他把他的空閒時間都用來看 YouTube 影片。


247 film 名,電影, 

247 Have you seen any good films recently? 你最近有沒有看什麼好電影?


248 financial 形,財務的,金融的, 

248 The current financial crisis is global. 目前的金融危機是全球的。


249 firm 名,公司,形,堅固的, 

249 He works for an electronics firm. 他在一家電子公司上班。


250 fit 形,健康的,動,合適, 

250 He jogs to keep fit. 他慢跑來保持健康。

250 The dress fits you perfectly. 這洋裝超適合你的。


251 fitness 名,健康, 

251 Why don’t you join a health club to improve your fitness?你要不要加入健身房來改進你的健康?

252 flavor 名,口味,

252 We sell 25 different flavors of ice cream. 我們賣二十五種口味的冰淇淋。


253 flight 名,航班, 

253 She booked the flight over the Internet. 她用網路訂飛機票。

254 flyer 名,傳單,飛機的旅客, 

254 People were giving out flyers advertising the event. 人們在發廣告那個活動的傳單。


255 focus 名,中心,焦點,動,專心於, 

255 She likes to be the focus of attention. 她喜歡得到別人的注意。

255 You need to focus more on your career. 你必須要更專心於你的工作。


256 folder 名,文件夾, 

256 He is holding a folder. 他正拿著一個文件夾。

257 forecast 名,預報,預測,  

257 It is too early to make a forecast on what will happen. 預測將會發生什麼還太早。


258 form 名,表格, 

258 Please fill in/out the form with black ink. 請用黑色的筆來填寫表格。


259 foundation 名,創建,基金會, 

259 The research center was set up by a charitable foundation. 研究中心是由一個慈善基金會所設立的。


260 fuel 名,燃料, 

260 Before leaving, he filled up with fuel at the local gas station. 在離開前,他在當地加油站加滿油。

261 fund 名,資金,基金,

261 They’ve set up a fund for victims of the earthquake. 他們設立了一個給地震受難者的基金。

262 fund-raising 名,募款, 

262 The dinner is a fund-raising event for the museum. 這個晚宴是為了博物館的募款活動。


263 furniture 名,傢俱

263 We need to buy some new furniture. 我們需要買一些新的傢俱。


264 gallery 名,畫廊, 

264 He frequently exhibits at the art gallery. 他經常在藝廊展出。


265 gate 名,門,登機門, 

265 Don’t forget to shut the gate when you leave. 你離開的時候不要忘記關門。


266 gear 名,裝備,用具, 

266 She had her running gear on. 她穿著她的跑步服裝。


267 generosity 名,慷慨, 

267 His friends take advantage of his generosity. 他的朋友因為他慷慨占他便宜。


268 get into shape 片,變健康, 

268 What do you do to get into shape? 你做什麼事來讓自己健康?


269 goods 名,商品, 

269 They’re selling off damaged goods at reduced price. 他們正在減價銷售一些有瑕疵的商品。


270 grand 重大的,壯麗的, 

270 The gallery had its grand opening on February 1. 那間畫廊於二月一日盛大開幕。

271 grant 名,補助金

271 We have approved your request for a three-year grant of $100,000. 我們已經通過你要求的三年十萬元的補助金。


272 guarantee 名,保證書,保固,動,保修, 

272 The smartphone comes with a one-year guarantee. 這智慧型手機有一年的保固。


273 guide 名,指南,嚮導,動,指引

273 Our tour guide showed us around the old town. 我們的導遊帶領我們參觀老鎮。



274 handle 名,把手,動,處理,

274 You handled the situation very well. 你把狀況處理得很好。


275 headquarters 名,總部, 

275 The firm’s headquarters is in London. 這公司的總部在倫敦。


276 heating 名,暖氣設備,

276 They turn the heating off before bed. 他們在睡前關掉暖氣。

277 historical 形,歷史的,

277 This book provides a historical perspective. 這本書提供了一個歷史的觀點。


278 host 名,主人,主持人,動,主辦, 

278 Which country is hosting the next Olympic Games? 哪個國家主辦下一屆的奧運賽?


279 human resources 名,人事部,人力資源部

279 He is the human resources director. 他是人事部經理。



280 identification 名,識別,身分證, 

280 Do you have any identification? 你有任何證件嗎?


281 impress 動,令人印象深刻,

281 We were very impressed by his presentation. 


282 improvement 名,改進, 

282 The economy has shown significant improvement over the past few months. 經濟在過去幾個月有顯著的改進。


283 indicate 動,顯示,

283 Our survey indicates that one in four children is bullied at school. 我們的調查顯示了在學校每四個孩子就有一個被霸凌。


284 industry 名,產業,工業,

284 The music industry is changing rapidly. 音樂產業改變的非常快速。


285 inform 動,通知, 

285 We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. 我們很遺憾地通知你你的申請被拒絕了。


286 information 名,資訊,情報,

286 For further information, please visit our website. 需要更進一步的資訊請造訪我們的網頁。

287 ingredient 名,材料,

287 The exact ingredients of Coca Cola are a trade secret. 可口可樂的確切的材料是個商業機密。

288 initial 形,最初的,

288 The initial earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks. 最初的地震伴隨著一系列的餘震。

289 initiate 動,開始,

289 Who initiated the violence? 誰先使用暴力的?

290 inquire 動,詢問,

290 She called the school to inquire about the application process. 她打電話給學校詢問有關申請的程序。

291 inquiry 名,詢問,

291 The police are making inquires to discover the cause of the accident. 警察問問題來找到意外的原因。

292 inspection 名,檢查,

292 The hotel passed its annual inspection. 飯店通過了它的年度檢查。

293 install 動,安裝, 

293 We will install your washing machine free of charge. 我們將免費安裝你的洗衣機。


294 instructor 名,教練,

294 I managed to find a very good driving instructor. 我努力找到一個很棒的開車教練。


295 insure 動,投保,

295 They refused to insure my parents because they said they’re too old. 他們拒絕幫我的雙親投保因為他們說他們年紀太大了。

296 intensive 形,密集的,

296 He took an intensive course in English. 他上了一個密集的英文課程。


297 interest 名,興趣,利息,

297 The interest on the loan is 15% per year. 貸款的利息是一年百分之十五。

298 interior 名,內部,形,內部的,

298 The original interior of the hotel has been replaced. 飯店原本的內部被做了更換。

299 international 形,國際的, 

299 Japan’s crime rate is still low by international standards. 日本犯罪率就國際標準來看仍舊是低的。


300 internship 名,實習期,

300 She has a summer internship at a local TV station. 她在當地的電視台做暑期實習。 




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