【潔西家】多益必考單字 361-420


361 overseas 形,副,海外的

361 If you were offered an overseas posting, would you take it? 假如你被提供一個海外的職缺,你會接受嗎?



362 package 名,包裹, 

362 The courier has just delivered a package for you. 快遞員剛剛送了一個包裹給你。


363 painting 名,繪畫,油畫,drawing 名,畫,

363 Can you help me hang this painting? 你可以幫忙我掛這幅畫嗎?

364 participant 名,參與者,

364 Participants in the study completed a short questionnaire. 這個研究的參加者填寫了一個短的問卷。

365 participate 動,參與,

365 Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome. 任何想要參與的人都很歡迎。 


366 partner 名,夥伴,搭檔, 

366 The teacher asked the students to choose a partner for the next activity. 老師要學生們找一個下個活動的夥伴。


367 password 名,密碼,

367 You can’t gain access to the computer system without entering your password. 你不輸入你的密碼沒法得到途徑進入電腦系統。 


368 patent 名,專利權,動,申請專利,

368 He was granted a patent for his invention. 他的發明得到專利。

369 pattern 名,模式,花樣,

369 We have no way of predicting next year’s weather patterns. 我們沒有辦法預測明年的天氣模式。


370 payment 名,付款, 

Please make sure we receive your final payment by July 25. 請確認我們在七月二十五日前收到你的最後的款項。


371 payroll 名,工資名單,

371 We have 200 people on the payroll. 我們工資名單上有兩百個人。

372 percentage 名,百分比,

372 Tax is paid as a percentage of total income. 稅金是按照薪水比例繳納。

373 perform 動,實行,performer 表演者, 

373 The equipment performed well during the test. 設備在檢測中運作良好。

374 performance 名,表現,表演,

374 I was impressed by the team’s performance. 我對於這個隊伍的表現感到讚嘆。

375 permanent 名,永久的,

375 Are you looking for a temporary or a permanent job? 你要找一個臨時的還是固定的工作?

376 permission 名,許可, 

376 The authorities have refused permission for the demonstration to take place. 官方拒絕允許示威遊行。

377 permit 名,許可證,動,許可,

377 He had problems getting a work permit for Taiwan. 他沒有辦法拿到台灣的工作許可證。

378 pharmacy 名,藥局,

378 The cream is available at pharmacies without a prescription. 這個藥膏可以在藥房買到不需要處方簽。

379 photography 名,攝影,

379 The film won an award for its photography. 這電影得了一座攝影獎。


380 physician (內科)醫生,

380 Please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. 在你開始新的運動計劃前請跟你的醫生商量。 

381 picturesque 形,美麗的,古色古香的,

381 The part of the town is especially picturesque. 這個小鎮的這個部分特別古色古香。

382 piece 名,塊,片,件, 

382 He cut the cake into four equal pieces. 他把蛋糕切成均等的四份。


383 place 名,地方,位置,動,放置,下訂單,

383 We placed the order for the furniture last week. 我們上星期訂購了這件傢俱。

384 plant 名,植物,工廠,

384 The Japanese car company plans to spend $300 million on a new engine plant. 那家日本汽車公司計劃花三億元在新的引擎工廠。

385 play 動,玩,演奏,演出,名,戲劇,

385 He wrote a play for the students to perform. 他寫了一部劇讓學生表演。


386 plumber 名,水電工,

386 I think we have to call the plumber to fix the tap. 我想我們必須打電話叫水電工來修水龍頭。 


387 point 名,論點,想法,得分,

387 You made some interesting points in your speech. 你的演講有些有趣的論點。


388 politician 名,政治家,politics 名,政治,

388 Are the country’s elected politicians trustworthy? 這個國家選出來的政治家值得相信嗎?

389 portfolio 名,資料夾,藝術家的一系列作品,投資組合,

389 She left her portfolio in the taxi. 她把資料夾忘在計程車上。

390 portion 名,一部分,一份,

390 Only a small portion of the budget is spent on books. 只有一小部分的預算花在書本上。


391 portrait 名,肖像,描述,

391 He had his portrait painted in uniform. 他讓人畫他穿制服的肖像。


392 positive 形,積極的,陽性的,negative 形,消極的,陰性的,

392 He’s got a really positive attitude to life. 他對人生的態度非常積極。


393 post 名,職位,郵件, 

393 They have several vacant posts. 他們有幾個職位空缺。


394 postpone 動,延後,

394 We’ll have to postpone the meeting until next week. 我們必須把會議延後到下星期。

395 potential 形,潛在的,可能的,

395 The potential benefits outweigh the problems. 潛在的利益大於問題。


396 praise 動,讚揚,名,讚揚,

396 She praised her team for their performance. 她讚美她的隊伍的表現。


397 preference 名,偏好,prefer 動,比較喜歡, 

397 In some countries, there is still a strong preference for sons. 在某些國家,還是有強烈偏好兒子。


398 premises 名,場所,

398 Dessert is made on the premises. 甜點是當場現做的。


399 preparation 名,準備,

399 How are the party preparations going? 派對準備的如何了?

400 presence 名,存在,出席, 

400 His presence during the crisis had a calming effect. 他在那場危機中的存在有個鎮靜的效果。

401 present 名,禮物,現在,形,出席的,動,展現,提交,

401 He presented the report to his colleagues at the meeting. 他在會議上對同事提出報告。

402 presentation 名,報告,演講,

402 The sales manager will give a presentation on the new products. 銷售經理將要對於新產品做一個報告。

403 press 名,媒體,動,推,壓, 

403 The press do/does not always report the whole story. 媒體不總是報導整個故事。


404 printer 名,印表機,

404 The printer won’t print for some reason. 因為某些原因印表機不能印。

405 prior 形,先前的,

405 Vegetarian meals are provided by prior agreement. 素食餐點的提供可以先安排。

406 priority 名,優先順序,

406 Our first priority is to improve standards. 我們首要的優先順序是改善標準。

407 procedure 名,程序,

407 Don’t worry – I’ll go through the procedure with you step by step. 不用擔心,我會一步一步跟你審查過程序。

408 proceed 動,繼續進行, 

408 Preparations for the festival are now proceeding smoothly. 慶典的準備現在正順利的進行中。


409 process 名,過程,步驟,

409 Repetition can help the learning process. 重複能夠幫助學習過程。

410 produce 動,生產,產生,名,農產品,

410 The region produces the grapes used in champagne. 這個區域生產用來做香檳的葡萄。


411 product 名,產品,

411 They do a range of skin-care products. 他們生產一系列的護膚產品。

412 productive 形,有生產力的,有成效的,

412 We had a very productive meeting. We solved lots of problems. 我們開了個非常有成效的會議。我們解決了很多問題。


413 productivity 名,生產率,

413 Our main objective is to improve the company’s productivity. 我們的主要目的是要增加公司的生產率。

414 profit 名,利潤, 

414 Profit from exports rose 8.5 percent. 出口的利潤上升百分之八點五。


415 program 名,程式,節目,

415 You’ll need to download and install the program on your computer. 你必須要下載跟安裝程式到你的電腦。 


416 progress 名,進步,進展,動,進展,

416 He’s not making much progress with his Japanese. 他的日語沒有什麼進步。

417 project 名,專案計畫,

417 A team has been working on the project for two years. 一個團隊已經在做這個專案兩年了。

418 prominent 形,重要的, 

418 The government should be playing a more prominent role in promoting human rights. 政府應該在促進人權方面擔任更重要的角色。


419 promise 動,答應,名,允諾,

419 The government have promised that they’ll reduce taxes. 政府允諾會減稅。


420 promotion 名,促銷,升遷,

420 There was a promotion in the supermarket and they were giving away free glasses of wine. 超市裡有促銷活動,他們在給免費的葡萄酒喝。 



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