【潔西家】多益必考單字 481-581

最後的一百個單字就一起放了,然後潔西會有一篇有全部五百八十一個多益必考單字的文,把所有單字放進去,另外會提供可以下載的 PDF 連結,跟影片的連結。歡迎想多記單字的人一定要點進去看喔!

481 restoration 名,修復, 

481 The palace is closed for restoration. 宮殿關閉來整修。


482 restore 動,修復, 

482 His hobby is restoring vintage motorcycles. 他的嗜好是修理古董機車。


483 restrict 動,限制,restriction 名,限制,

483 The government passed a law to restrict the sale of guns. 政府通過法律來限制槍枝的販售。

484 result 名,結果, 

484 As a result of the pilots’ strike, all flights have had to be cancelled. 因為機師罷工的結果,所有的班機都必須被取消。


485 retailer 名,零售商,

485 The company is a retailer of office equipment and furniture. 這公司是辦公室設備跟傢俱的零售商。

486 retain 動,保持,保留,

486 She has a good memory and is able to retain facts easily. 她有很好的記憶,而且可以容易地記住事實。

487 return 動,返回,回應,

487 Please complete the enclosed application form and return it in the enveloped attached. 請填寫附上的申請表,用附上的信封寄回。

488 revenue 名,收益,

488 The company’s annual revenues rose by 25%. 公司的年收益上升百分之二十五。

489 review 動,審查,評論,名,審查,評論,

489 The play got excellent reviews. 這部戲有很好的評價。

490 reviewer 名,評論家,審核人,

490 The movie was enthusiastically received by the reviewers. 這部電影受到評論家的大受好評。


491 revise 動,修訂,

491 Her publisher made her revise her manuscript five times. 她的出版社讓她修改她的手稿五次。


492 revision 名,修正,修改, 

492 He made some minor revision to the report before printing it out. 他在印出報告前做了幾個小修正。

493 rise 動,上升,增加, 

493 Sales rose by 20% over the Christmas period. 銷售量在聖誕節期間增加了百分之二十。


494 route 名,路線,

494 Is your office on a bus route? 你的辦公室在公車路線上嗎?

495 routine 名,慣例,例行公事,

495 Make exercise a part of your daily routine. 讓運動變成你每天的慣例。

496 rumor 名,謠言

496 The president has consistently denied the rumors. 總統一慣地否認謠言。



497 salary 名,薪水, 

497 Large companies often pay better salaries. 大公司通常付比較好的薪水。


498 sample 名,樣品,

498 Please bring some samples of your work to the interview. 請帶一些你的作品的樣本去面試。


499 satisfaction 名,滿足,

499 It was hard work, but it gave him great satisfaction. 這是困難的工作,但是給他很大的滿足感。

500 satisfy 動,滿足,

500 Nothing satisfies her — she’s always complaining. 沒有什麼事可以滿足她 — 她總是在抱怨。


501 scale 名,規模,等級,比例,磅秤,

501 The scale of the problem is difficult to measure. 這個問題的嚴重性很難衡量。

502 schedule  名,行程,計畫表

502 The train left the station about 30 minutes behind schedule. 火車晚三十分鐘離開車站。

503 scholarship 名,獎學金, 

503 He won a scholarship to Harvard. 他得到了哈佛的獎學金。

504 sculpture 名,雕刻,

504 There’s a new exhibition of sculpture on at the gallery. 藝廊有一個新的雕刻展。

505 search 動,搜查,搜尋,名,搜查, 

505 I did a search for yoga club in my area. 我搜尋了一下我附近的瑜伽中心。


506 security 名,保障,安全,警衛,

506 They carried out security checks at the airport. 他們在機場實施安全檢查。


507 select 動,挑選,

507 He’s been selected to go to the conference. 他被選去參加會議。

508 selection 名,選擇,挑選,

508 She took a long time to make her selection. 她花了很長的時間來做選擇。


509 sell out 片,賣光,

509 Tonight’s performance is completely sold out. 今天的表演(的票)完全賣完了。

510 seminar 名,研討會,

510 She gave a brilliant seminar on Shakespeare. 她辦了一個很棒的莎士比亞的研討會。


511 senior 形,級別高的,年長的,有更多經驗的,

511 All the company’s senior executives get large bonuses. 所有這家公司的高級主管拿到很多的紅利。


512 serve 動,提供,工作,服務, 

512 Breakfast is served in the restaurant between 6.30 and 10.30. 餐廳早上六點半到十點半提供早餐。

513 service 名,服務,公用事業,

513 We aim to provide a high-quality service. 我們致力於提供高品質的服務。

514 session 名,會議,一段期間,一場, 

514 This course will only be offered during the fall session. 這個課程將只有在秋天那期提供。


515 shareholder 名,股東,

515 Company shareholders approved the merger. 公司股東通過合併案。


516 shelf 名,架子, 

516 I hit my head on the shelf as I was standing up. 我站起來的時候頭撞到架子。


517 shipment 名,運輸,裝運,

517 The goods are ready for shipment. 貨物好了可以運送了。


518 shuttle 名,接駁車,

518 The department store operates a complimentary shuttle service. 這家百貨公司有提供免費的接駁車。 


519 solve 動,解決,思索, 

519 This strategy could cause more problems than it solves. 這個策略比起解決的問題可能引發更多問題。


520 source 名,來源,出處,

520 Tourism is a major source of revenue for the area. 觀光業是這個區域的主要收益的來源。 


521 specialist 名,專家,專業人員,

521 He is a specialist in children’s literature. 他是兒童文學的專家。 


522 specialize 動,專攻,專門研究,

522 The store specializes in interior design books. 這書局專門賣室內裝潢的書。


523 specific 形,特定的,特有的,

523 Some of the children have specific learning difficulties. 有些小孩子有特定的學習困難。


524 specification 名,規格,  

524 All products are made exactly to the customer’s specifications. 所有的產品都完完全全地按照顧客的規格製造。


525 sponsor 動,贊助,支持,名,贊助商, 

525 The competition was sponsored by China Airlines. 這個比賽是中華航空贊助的。


526 staff 名,全體員工, 

526 The entire staff has done an outstanding job this year. 全體員工今年表現得相當傑出。


527 stage 名,階段,舞台,

527 The product is at the design stage. 產品在設計的階段。


528 staple 名,訂書針,主要產品,形,主要的,

528 The staple diet here is mutton, fish, and boiled potatoes. 這裡的主食是羊肉,魚,跟水煮馬鈴薯。


529 statement 名,聲明,銀行對帳單,

529 He made a rather misleading statement. 他做了一個相當誤導人的聲明。


530 statistics 名,統計資料,

530 According to official statistics, the disease killed over 500 people. 根據官方統計資料,這個疾病殺死了超過五百人。

531 statue 名,雕像,

531 Have you seen the Statue of Liberty? 你見過自由女神像嗎?

532 status 名,狀態,身份, 

532 What’s your marital status? 你的結婚狀態是什麼?


533 steadily 副,穩定地,逐漸地,

533 The company’s exports have grown steadily. 公司的出口穩定地成長。

534 stock 名,存貨,股票,

534 I’m afraid we’re temporarily out of stock. 我恐怕我們暫時沒有存貨。

535 storage 名,儲存, 

535 There’s lots of storage space in the attic. 在閣樓有很多的儲存空間。


536 strategy 名,戰略,策略,

536 We must develop a strategy to deal with the problem. 我們必須要想出個策略應對那個問題。


537 strength 名,體力,

537 She had the strength and stamina to take the lead and win the gold medal. 她有體力跟耐力來領先並贏得金牌。

538 structure 名,結構,

538 The company has a complex organizational structure. 這公司有個複雜的組織性的架構。


539 submit 動,提交,

539 All applications must be submitted by Monday. 所有的申請書都必須在星期一提交。

540 subscription 訂閱費,訂閱,subscribe 動,訂閱, 

Your subscription to Netflix will expire on May 31. 你訂閱網飛即將在五月三十一日到期。


541 succeed 動,成功,success 名,成功,successful 形,成功的,

541 Whether we succeed or fail depends on luck. 我們會成功還是失敗取決於運氣。

542 suggestion 名,建議,

542 Can I make a suggestion? 我可以給個建議嗎?


543 supervise 動,監督,管理,supervisor 名,管理者, 

543 I will supervise the work personally. 我會親自監督工作。


544 supplier 名,供應商,supply 動,供應,提供,

544 You will need to be able to deal with both customers and suppliers. 你將必須要能夠同時應對顧客跟供應商。


545 support 動,支持,贊成,

545 I think it’s important to support local businesses by buying locally. 我認為用購買當地商品來支持當地商業很重要。

546 survey 名,調查,動,調查,

546 We are conducting a survey to find out what our customers think of their local bus service. 我們正在做一個調查來知道我們的顧客對於他們的當地的公車服務的想法。

547 system 名,系統

547 We’ve got a good system for dealing with complaints from customers. 我們有一個良好的系統來應對客人的抱怨。



548 tablet 平板電腦,藥片, 

548 Consumers show a growing preference for tablets and smartphones over PCs and laptops. 消費者顯示一個偏好對於平板電腦跟智慧型手機勝過個人電腦與筆記型電腦。


549 technician 名,技術員,技師,

549 She is the lighting technician for the play. 她是那部戲裡面的燈光技師。


550 technique 名,技術,技能,

550 Yoga is a very effective technique for combating stress. 瑜珈是很有效對付壓力的技能。


551 temporary 形,暫時的, 

551 Volunteers built temporary shelters for the survivors. 志工蓋了暫時的避難所給倖存者。


552 tenant 名,房客,

552 Tenants are not allowed to keep pets. 房客不准養寵物。

553 tenure 名,任期,終身職位,

553 It’s becoming increasingly difficult to acquire academic tenure. 能到學術的終身職位變得越來越困難。

554 tool 名,工具,

554 The internet can be a powerful teaching tool. 網際網路可以成為一個有力的教學工具。


555 tour 名,觀光,旅遊,

555 We went on a guided tour of the factory. 我們去了導遊帶領的工廠參觀。


556 track 動,追蹤,名,軌道, 

556 The progress of each student is tracked by computer. 每個學生進步都被用電腦追蹤。


557 trainer 教練,訓練師,運動鞋,

557 A lot of wealthy people have their own personal trainer. 很多有錢人都有他們自己的個人教練。


558 transaction 名,交易,

558 The bank charges a fixed rate for each transaction. 銀行對每筆交易收取一個固定費率。

559 transportation 名,交通, 

559 Information on hotel accommodation and transportation options is also available on the site. 飯店的住宿跟交通選項的資訊也都可以在網頁上找到。


560 trend 名,趨勢,傾向,

560 There is a growing trend towards later retirement. 有一個越來越多晚一點退休的趨勢。 


561 trial 名,試驗,審判,

561 They’re doing clinical trials on a new drug. 他們正在對於新藥做臨床試驗。

562 trustee 名,受託人,trust 動,信任,

562 The bank will act as trustee for the estate until the child is 18. 在那個孩子十八歲前,銀行將會是財產的受託人。

563 tune in 片,收看,收聽

Be sure to tune in to next week’s show. 一定要收看下個星期的秀喔。



564 upcoming 形,即將發生的, 

564 Tickets are selling well for the group’s upcoming concert tour. 這個團體即將到來的巡迴演唱會票賣得很好。


565 update 動,更新,名,更新,

565 The report provides a brief update on the progress of the project. 這報告提供了一個簡要的更新在這個企劃案的進展上。

566 upgrade 動,升級,

566 The system is currently being upgraded. 系統目前正在升級中。

567 utensil 名,器具,

567 Wash your hands and all cooking utensils after preparing raw meat. 在準備生肉後洗你的手跟所有的烹調器具。

568 utilities 名,公用事業,公共設施

568 Does your rent include utilities? 你的租金包含了公用事業費用嗎?



569 valid 形,有效的,

569 My passport is valid for another two years. 我的護照有效期還有兩年。

570 vehicle 名,車輛,

570 The police think that he was driving a stolen vehicle. 警察認為他開車偷來的車輛。

571 verify 動,證實,

571 Please verify that your password was entered correctly. 請確認你的密碼是正確地輸入。

572 version 名,版本,

572 The new version comes out in June. 新版本會在六月發行。

573 vessel 名,船,

573 He was accused of operating the vessel while drunk. 他被控訴喝酒時開船。


574 volume 名,音量,容積,總量,

574 The transport system can’t cope with the volume of passengers. 交通系統不能應付乘客的數量。

575 volunteer 名,志工,動,志願,

575 The office is staffed by unpaid volunteers. 這辦公室是由沒有受薪的志工所任職。

576 vote 動,投票

576 You can cast your vote at the local polling station. 你可以在當地的投票所投票。



577 warehouse 名,倉庫,

577 Police are investigating a fire at a furniture warehouse. 警察正在調查一間傢俱倉庫的火災。


578 warranty 名,保證書,

578 The car is still under warranty. 這台車還是在保用期限。

579 workforce 名,勞動人口,

579 The company employs a workforce of nearly 5000. 這家公司雇用了幾乎五千人的勞動人口。

580 workout 名,身體鍛鍊運動,

580 She does a 20-minute workout every morning. 她每天早上做二十分鐘的運動。

581 workshop 名,研討會

581 The workshop covered a wide range of issues. 這個研討會包含了一個廣泛的議題。




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