【潔西家】多益必考單字 421-480


421 prompt 動,引起, 

421 What prompted you to buy that suit? 什麼讓你買那件西裝的?


422 property 名,資產,房產,

422 The notice said “Private property – keep off!” 公告上寫著「私人地產,禁止進入」。

423 proposal 名,提案,

423 He presented his detailed budget proposals. 他提出了他的詳細的預算提案。

424 propose 動,提出,

424 He proposed a boycott of the meeting. 他提議抵制這個會議。

425 protective 形,保護的,protect 動,保護,

425 Workers should wear full protective clothing. 工人應該穿整套的防護衣物。

426 provide 動,提供,

426 All meals are provided at no additional cost. 所有的餐點都免費提供。


427 publicity 名,宣傳,關注,

427 We have planned an exciting publicity campaign with our advertisers. 我們跟我們的廣告人員計畫了一個精彩的宣傳活動。


428 publisher 名,出版商,

428 Several publishers are competing in the same market. 幾家出版商在同一個市場競爭。

429 purchase 動,購買,名,購買物, 

429 Tickets must be purchased three weeks in advance. 門票必須三個星期前購買。


430 purpose 名,目的

430 What is the purpose of your visit? 你來的目的是什麼?



431 qualification 名,合格證書,資格,

431 Only two of the applicants had the necessary qualifications. 只有兩個申請者有必須的資格。

432 quality 名,品質,

432 Use only high quality ingredients. 只使用高品質的原料。


433 quantity 名,數量, 

433 A large quantity of clothing was stolen form the shop. 那家商店大量的衣服被偷了。


434 quarter 名,四分之一,季,

434 The company’s profits rose by 5% in the second quarter of the year. 公司的利益在年度的第二季上升百分之五。

435 questionnaire 名,問卷,

435 Most of the people who responded to the questionnaire were supportive. 大部分回覆問卷的人都非常支持。

436 quote 名,報價,動,引用,報價

436 They quoted a price of $5,000. 他們報價五千元。



437 railway 名,鐵路,

437 There isn’t any railway service on Sundays. 星期天沒有鐵路的服務。

438 raise 動,舉起,增加,名,加薪, 

438 He asked the boss for a raise. 他要求老闆加薪。


439 range 名,一系列,範圍, 

439 The hotel offers a wide range of facilities. 飯店提供的一系列的設施。


440 rate 名,比率,費用,動,評價,

440 Australia’s unemployment rate rose to 6.7% in January. 澳洲的失業率在一月上升到百分之六點七。


441 receive 動,收到, 

441 He received a letter from his insurance company. 他收到他的保險公司的信。


442 reception 名,招待會,宴會,接待處,

442 Are you having a big reception after the wedding? 你婚禮後會有個大婚宴嗎?


443 recipe 名,食譜,

443 I enjoy trying out new recipes. 我喜歡試新的食譜。

444 recognition 名,認可,讚賞,辨識,

444 He was presented with a gold watch in recognition of his service to the company. 他被給予一個金錶用來認可他對公司的服務。


445 recognize 動,認出,認可,表揚, 

445 I didn’t recognize you in your uniform. 我沒認出你穿制服。


446 recommendation 名,推薦,意見, 

446 The commission will make recommendations on how to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. 委員會會給意見如何減少溫室氣體的排放。


447 recruit 動,招募,

447 We’re having difficulty recruiting enough qualified staff. 我們在招募足夠有資格的人員方面有困難。

448 recycle 動,回收,再次利用,

448 Plastic bottles can be recycled into clothing. 塑膠瓶可以被回收做成衣物。

449 reduce 動,減少,降低,

449 The helmet law should reduce injuries in motorcycle accidents. 安全帽的法律應該會降低機車在意外中受傷。

450 reference 名,推薦信,參考,提及,

450 My former boss said he would write me a glowing reference. 我前老闆說他會寫給我一封很好的推薦信。

451 reflect 動,反映,反射,

451 The statistics reflect a change in people’s spending habits. 統計資料反映出人們消費習慣的變化。

452 refreshment 名,點心, 

425 Light refreshment will be served during the break. 小點心會在休息時間提供。


453 refund 名,退款, 

They refused to give him a refund. 他們拒絕給他退款。


454 region 名,區域, 

454 Snow is expected in mountain region. 山區預估會降雪。


456 registration 名,登記,註冊,

456 She was asked to fill in a registration form. 她被要求填寫一張註冊表格。 


457 regularly 副,經常地, 

457 Accidents regularly occur on this street. 這條街經常發生意外。


458 rehearsal 名,預演,

458 We didn’t have time for a rehearsal before the performance. 我們在表演前沒有時間預演。


459 reimburse 動,償還,付還,

459 The company will reimburse you for travel expenses. 公司會付還你旅遊費用。

460 release 動,公布,發行,釋放, 

Physical exercise is a good way of releasing stress. 運動是很好釋放壓力的方式。


461 reliable 形,可靠的,

461 Our information comes from a reliable source. 我們的訊息來自於一個可靠的來源。

462 relocate 動,搬遷,重新安置, 

462 Her company relocated her to London. 她的公司把她調到倫敦。


463 remind 動,提醒, 

463 That song always reminds me of our first date. 那首歌總是讓我想起我們第一次約會。


464 renew 動,更新,延長期限,

Take time to renew your subscription today. 今天就花點時間更新你的訂閱。


465 renewal 名,更新, 

465 The lease comes up for renewal at the end of the month. 契約在月底的時候要更新。


466 renovate 動,翻新,renovation 名,整修,

466 The hotel has been renovated and redecorated. 飯店被重新整修跟重新裝潢過。

467 renowned 形,著名的,

467 He’s renowned as a brilliant speaker. 他以口才好的講者聞名。

468 rental 名,出租, 

468 The price includes accommodation and car rental. 價格包括了住宿跟租車。


469 repair 動,修理,

469 The garage said the car was so old it wasn’t worth repairing. 修車廠說這台車太舊了不值得修。

470 replacement 名,替換,代理,

470 If your passport is stolen, you should apply for a replacement immediately. 假如你的護照被偷了,你應該要馬上申請新的。  


471 report 動,報告,名,報告,

471 I submitted a report of the theft to the insurance company. 我提交了失竊報告給保險公司。

472 representative 名,代表,形,有代表性的,

472 We met with representatives from various technology companies. 我們跟來自不同科技公司的代表碰面。


473 reputation 名,聲譽,名望,

473 The company has a worldwide reputation for quality. 這家公司以良好品質在世界上聞名。

474 request 動,請求,名,請求,

474 My request was granted. 我的請求被同意了。


475 requirement 名,需求,

475 Do you have any special dietary requirements? 你有任何特殊飲食的需求嗎?

476 research 名,研究,

476 They are raising money for cancer research. 他們在為癌症研究募款。

477 reservation 名,預約, 

477 Customers are advised to make seat reservations well in advance. 我們忠告顧客事先預訂座位。


478 resident 名,居民, 

478 The local residents were angry at the lack of parking spaces. 當地居民對於缺乏停車位一事很生氣。


479 response 名,反應,回應, 

479 The exhibition has received a positive response from visitors. 展覽得到來自訪客們的正面回應。


480 responsibility 名,責任,

480 Every employee shares responsibility for the company’s success. 每個員工都分享承擔公司成功的責任。 

【潔西家】多益必考單字 361-420


361 overseas 形,副,海外的

361 If you were offered an overseas posting, would you take it? 假如你被提供一個海外的職缺,你會接受嗎?



362 package 名,包裹, 

362 The courier has just delivered a package for you. 快遞員剛剛送了一個包裹給你。


363 painting 名,繪畫,油畫,drawing 名,畫,

363 Can you help me hang this painting? 你可以幫忙我掛這幅畫嗎?

364 participant 名,參與者,

364 Participants in the study completed a short questionnaire. 這個研究的參加者填寫了一個短的問卷。

365 participate 動,參與,

365 Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome. 任何想要參與的人都很歡迎。 


366 partner 名,夥伴,搭檔, 

366 The teacher asked the students to choose a partner for the next activity. 老師要學生們找一個下個活動的夥伴。


367 password 名,密碼,

367 You can’t gain access to the computer system without entering your password. 你不輸入你的密碼沒法得到途徑進入電腦系統。 


368 patent 名,專利權,動,申請專利,

368 He was granted a patent for his invention. 他的發明得到專利。

369 pattern 名,模式,花樣,

369 We have no way of predicting next year’s weather patterns. 我們沒有辦法預測明年的天氣模式。


370 payment 名,付款, 

Please make sure we receive your final payment by July 25. 請確認我們在七月二十五日前收到你的最後的款項。


371 payroll 名,工資名單,

371 We have 200 people on the payroll. 我們工資名單上有兩百個人。

372 percentage 名,百分比,

372 Tax is paid as a percentage of total income. 稅金是按照薪水比例繳納。

373 perform 動,實行,performer 表演者, 

373 The equipment performed well during the test. 設備在檢測中運作良好。

374 performance 名,表現,表演,

374 I was impressed by the team’s performance. 我對於這個隊伍的表現感到讚嘆。

375 permanent 名,永久的,

375 Are you looking for a temporary or a permanent job? 你要找一個臨時的還是固定的工作?

376 permission 名,許可, 

376 The authorities have refused permission for the demonstration to take place. 官方拒絕允許示威遊行。

377 permit 名,許可證,動,許可,

377 He had problems getting a work permit for Taiwan. 他沒有辦法拿到台灣的工作許可證。

378 pharmacy 名,藥局,

378 The cream is available at pharmacies without a prescription. 這個藥膏可以在藥房買到不需要處方簽。

379 photography 名,攝影,

379 The film won an award for its photography. 這電影得了一座攝影獎。


380 physician (內科)醫生,

380 Please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. 在你開始新的運動計劃前請跟你的醫生商量。 

381 picturesque 形,美麗的,古色古香的,

381 The part of the town is especially picturesque. 這個小鎮的這個部分特別古色古香。

382 piece 名,塊,片,件, 

382 He cut the cake into four equal pieces. 他把蛋糕切成均等的四份。


383 place 名,地方,位置,動,放置,下訂單,

383 We placed the order for the furniture last week. 我們上星期訂購了這件傢俱。

384 plant 名,植物,工廠,

384 The Japanese car company plans to spend $300 million on a new engine plant. 那家日本汽車公司計劃花三億元在新的引擎工廠。

385 play 動,玩,演奏,演出,名,戲劇,

385 He wrote a play for the students to perform. 他寫了一部劇讓學生表演。


386 plumber 名,水電工,

386 I think we have to call the plumber to fix the tap. 我想我們必須打電話叫水電工來修水龍頭。 


387 point 名,論點,想法,得分,

387 You made some interesting points in your speech. 你的演講有些有趣的論點。


388 politician 名,政治家,politics 名,政治,

388 Are the country’s elected politicians trustworthy? 這個國家選出來的政治家值得相信嗎?

389 portfolio 名,資料夾,藝術家的一系列作品,投資組合,

389 She left her portfolio in the taxi. 她把資料夾忘在計程車上。

390 portion 名,一部分,一份,

390 Only a small portion of the budget is spent on books. 只有一小部分的預算花在書本上。


391 portrait 名,肖像,描述,

391 He had his portrait painted in uniform. 他讓人畫他穿制服的肖像。


392 positive 形,積極的,陽性的,negative 形,消極的,陰性的,

392 He’s got a really positive attitude to life. 他對人生的態度非常積極。


393 post 名,職位,郵件, 

393 They have several vacant posts. 他們有幾個職位空缺。


394 postpone 動,延後,

394 We’ll have to postpone the meeting until next week. 我們必須把會議延後到下星期。

395 potential 形,潛在的,可能的,

395 The potential benefits outweigh the problems. 潛在的利益大於問題。


396 praise 動,讚揚,名,讚揚,

396 She praised her team for their performance. 她讚美她的隊伍的表現。


397 preference 名,偏好,prefer 動,比較喜歡, 

397 In some countries, there is still a strong preference for sons. 在某些國家,還是有強烈偏好兒子。


398 premises 名,場所,

398 Dessert is made on the premises. 甜點是當場現做的。


399 preparation 名,準備,

399 How are the party preparations going? 派對準備的如何了?

400 presence 名,存在,出席, 

400 His presence during the crisis had a calming effect. 他在那場危機中的存在有個鎮靜的效果。

401 present 名,禮物,現在,形,出席的,動,展現,提交,

401 He presented the report to his colleagues at the meeting. 他在會議上對同事提出報告。

402 presentation 名,報告,演講,

402 The sales manager will give a presentation on the new products. 銷售經理將要對於新產品做一個報告。

403 press 名,媒體,動,推,壓, 

403 The press do/does not always report the whole story. 媒體不總是報導整個故事。


404 printer 名,印表機,

404 The printer won’t print for some reason. 因為某些原因印表機不能印。

405 prior 形,先前的,

405 Vegetarian meals are provided by prior agreement. 素食餐點的提供可以先安排。

406 priority 名,優先順序,

406 Our first priority is to improve standards. 我們首要的優先順序是改善標準。

407 procedure 名,程序,

407 Don’t worry – I’ll go through the procedure with you step by step. 不用擔心,我會一步一步跟你審查過程序。

408 proceed 動,繼續進行, 

408 Preparations for the festival are now proceeding smoothly. 慶典的準備現在正順利的進行中。


409 process 名,過程,步驟,

409 Repetition can help the learning process. 重複能夠幫助學習過程。

410 produce 動,生產,產生,名,農產品,

410 The region produces the grapes used in champagne. 這個區域生產用來做香檳的葡萄。


411 product 名,產品,

411 They do a range of skin-care products. 他們生產一系列的護膚產品。

412 productive 形,有生產力的,有成效的,

412 We had a very productive meeting. We solved lots of problems. 我們開了個非常有成效的會議。我們解決了很多問題。


413 productivity 名,生產率,

413 Our main objective is to improve the company’s productivity. 我們的主要目的是要增加公司的生產率。

414 profit 名,利潤, 

414 Profit from exports rose 8.5 percent. 出口的利潤上升百分之八點五。


415 program 名,程式,節目,

415 You’ll need to download and install the program on your computer. 你必須要下載跟安裝程式到你的電腦。 


416 progress 名,進步,進展,動,進展,

416 He’s not making much progress with his Japanese. 他的日語沒有什麼進步。

417 project 名,專案計畫,

417 A team has been working on the project for two years. 一個團隊已經在做這個專案兩年了。

418 prominent 形,重要的, 

418 The government should be playing a more prominent role in promoting human rights. 政府應該在促進人權方面擔任更重要的角色。


419 promise 動,答應,名,允諾,

419 The government have promised that they’ll reduce taxes. 政府允諾會減稅。


420 promotion 名,促銷,升遷,

420 There was a promotion in the supermarket and they were giving away free glasses of wine. 超市裡有促銷活動,他們在給免費的葡萄酒喝。 

【潔西家】多益必考單字 301-360


301 interview 名,面談,動,面試,採訪,

301 We interviewed 10 candidates today. 我們今天面試了十個候選人。

302 introduction 名,介紹,開始,introduce 動,介紹

302 Our next guest needs no introduction. 我們的下一個客人不需要介紹。(大家都知道的意思)


303 invent 動,發明, 

303 Television was invented in the 1920s. 電視是在一九二零年代被發明的。


304 inventory 名,存貨,

304 The inventory lists many rare items. 存貨清單中有很多稀有的品項。


305 investment 名,投資,invest 動,投資,

305 We have made a huge investment in our website. 我們做了很大的投資在我們的網站上。

306 investor 名,投資者,

306 A stable company is more likely to attract potential investors. 一家穩定的公司比較有可能吸引潛在的投資者。

307 issue 名,議題,期刊,動,發布, 

307 Abortion is a highly controversial issue. 墮胎是個高度爭議的議題。


308 item 名,品項,

308 There are three items on the agenda. 議程上有三個項目。

309 itinerary 名,旅行計畫行程

309 Your complete itinerary and guide to the region will be mailed to you next week. 你的完整的行程跟該區域的指南將會在下個星期寄給你。



310 journalist 名,記者

310 The journalist took notes throughout the interview. 記者全程的採訪都做筆記。



311 labor 名,勞動,工人,

311 We need to reduce our labor costs. 我們必須降低我們的勞工成本。

312 laboratory 名,實驗室,

312 We have very high safety standards in this laboratory. 我們這間實驗室有很高的安全標準。

313 lamp 名,燈,

313 She switched on the desk lamp. 她打開桌燈。

314 landmark 名,地標,

314 The Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmark in Paris. 艾非爾鐵塔是巴黎最有名的地標。

315 launch 動,推出,名,發表會,

315 The organization has launched a campaign. 這組織發表了一個活動。

316 leader 名,領導人,lead 動,領導,

316 He is a natural leader. 他天生就是個領導者。

317 lease 動,租借,名,租約,

317 The landlord refused to renew his lease. 房東拒絕跟他簽新約。


318 limit 名,限制,動,限制,

318 There’s no age limit for applicants. 申請者沒有年齡限制。

318 I limit myself to three cups of coffee a day. 我限制我自己一天喝三杯咖啡。 


319 loan 名,貸款, 

319 They had to take out a loan to buy a house. 他們必須要貸款買房子。

320 location 名,位置,地點,relocate 動,搬遷,

320 The company is moving to a new location. 這家公司要搬到一個新的地點。 

321 lock 動,鎖,名,門鎖,

321 Did you lock the car? 你鎖車子了嗎? 


322 luggage 名,行李,baggage 名,行李,suitcase 名,行李箱

322 They searched his luggage for illegal drugs. 他們搜索他的行李找違法的藥物。



323 maintain 動,維持,

323 It is important to maintain a constant temperature inside the greenhouse. 維持一個穩定的溫度在溫室裡是很重要的。

324 maintenance 名,維護,保養,

324 The network will be down for an hour for routine maintenance. 網路將停止運作一個小時來做日常的維護。

325 malfunction 名,故障,動,故障,

325 There was no evidence of technical malfunction. 沒有證據顯示是技術故障。


326 managerial 形,管理的,

326 Do you have any managerial experience? 你有任何管理的經驗嗎?

327 manual 名,使用手冊,形,手動的, 

327 Consult the computer manual if you have a problem. 假如你有問題的話,查閱電腦手冊。


328 manufacture 動,生產,manufacturer 名,製造商,

328 She works for a company that manufactures car parts. 她在一個製造汽車零件的公司工作。

329 manuscript 名,手稿,原稿,

329 Unfortunately, parts of the original manuscript have been lost. 不幸地,一部分的原稿已經不見了。

330 market 名,市場,

330 The domestic market is still depressed, but demand abroad is picking up. 國內的市場仍舊低迷,但是國外需求正漸漸上升中。

331 masterpiece 名,傑作,

331 The work has been described as a literary masterpiece. 這作品被描述為文學傑作。

332 material 名,材料,

332 Every item we sell is made out of recycle material. 我們賣的每件商品都是由回收的材料製成的。

333 mechanic 名,技師,修車的人,

333 He applied for a job as a mechanic in a local garage, but he was rejected. 他在當地修車廠聲請一個技師的工作,但是他被拒絕了。

334 media 名,媒體,

334 The news media reported extensively on the story. 新聞媒體廣泛地報導那個故事。

335 medical 型,醫學的,

335 A person’s medical records are confidential. 一個人的醫療紀錄是機密的。

336 membership 名,會員,會籍, 

336 Annual membership is $10,000. 年會費是一萬元。


337 mention 動,提及,

337 As I mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of changes recently. 如同我早先提及的,最近有很多的改變。


338 merchandise 名,商品,

338 The merchandise is attractively displayed. 商品很有吸引力的被陳列著。

339 merge 動,合併,

339 They decided to merge the two companies into one. 他們決定將兩家公司合併成一家。

340 merger 名,公司企業的合併,

340 If the merger goes through, thousands of jobs will be lost. 假如合併通過的話,數千個人會失去工作。 

341 message 名,訊息,留言,  text message 名,簡訊,voice message 名,留言

341 Didn’t you get my message? 你沒收到我的留言嗎?


342 method 名,方法,

342 You can choose whichever method of payment you prefer. 你可以選擇任何一種你想要的付款的方法。

343 minimize 動,降到最低,minimum 名,最少量,形,最小的,maximum 名,最大化,形,最大的, 

343 Good hygiene helps to minimize the risk of infection. 好的衛生會幫助降機感染的風險。


344 minutes 名,會議記錄,

344 Who is going to take the minutes? 誰將會做會議記錄?

345 modify 動,修改, 

345 Patients are taught how to modify their diet. 病人被教導如何改變他們的飲食。


346 monitor 名,螢幕,動,監控,

346 The details of today’s flights are displayed on the monitor. 今天航班的細節展示在螢幕上。 


347 mortgage 名,房屋的抵押貸款

347 They were forced to give up their home because they couldn’t pay the mortgage. 他們被迫放棄他們的家因為他們付不起房貸。



348 necessary 形,必須的,

348 The booklet provides all the necessary information about the college. 這本小冊子提供了所有關於這所大學的必要資訊。

349 neighborhood 名,鄰近地區,

349 She lives in a wealthy neighborhood. 她住在一個富裕的地區。


350 newsletter 名,通訊,期刊,

350 Our club produces a monthly newsletter. 我們俱樂部發行月刊。

351 nomination 名,提名,任命,

351 The film received seven Oscar nominations. 這部電影得到七項奧斯卡提名。

352 note 名,便條,說明,

352 This is just a quick note to let you know that I won’t be in the office tomorrow. 這是個簡單的便條讓你知道我明天不會在辦公室。

353 notice 名,公告,動,注意,

353 There was a notice on the board saying the class had been canceled. 佈告欄上有公告說課程被取消了。

354 notify 動,通知,notification 名,通知

If you decide to cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing at least 10 days before your departure date to receive a refund. 假如你決定要取消你的旅行,你必須用書面通知我們在你的出發日期的前十天才能收到退款。



355 obtain 動,獲得,

355 It is necessary to obtain the patients’ consent. 要得到病人的同意是必須的。

356 official 形,官方的,

356 The country’s official language is Spanish. 這個國家的官方語言是西班牙文。

357 operate 動,運作,操作,開刀,operation 名,運作,手術,

357 The bus is designed to operate in all weather conditions. 這公車是設計來在所有的天氣狀況下運作。


358 option 名,選項, 

358 We are currently studying all the options available. 我們正在研究所有可能的選項。


359 organize 動,安排,策劃,組織,

359 He was designated to organize the trip. 他被指派去安排這趟旅遊。

360 orientation 名,新工作的培訓,特別喜好,

360 The department has arranged an orientation session. 這個部門安排了一個新訓課程。

【潔西家】多益必考單字 241-300


241 feedback 名,回饋意見, 

241 There was a lot of positive feedback which was very encouraging. 有很多鼓勵人心的正面的回饋。


242 fence 名,籬笆, 

242 The two women chatted over the garden fence. 兩個女人隔著花園籬笆聊天。


243 field 名,領域,田野, 

243 All of them are experts in their chosen field. 他們都是他們選擇領域的專家。

244 figure 名,數字, 

244 Retailers are reporting their March sales figures  today. 零售商今天要報導他們的三月銷售數字。


245 file 名,檔案,動,歸檔, 

245 We keep your records on file for three years. 我們把你的資料存檔三年。


246 fill 動,填寫,裝滿, 

246 He filled most of his time watching YouTube videos. 他把他的空閒時間都用來看 YouTube 影片。


247 film 名,電影, 

247 Have you seen any good films recently? 你最近有沒有看什麼好電影?


248 financial 形,財務的,金融的, 

248 The current financial crisis is global. 目前的金融危機是全球的。


249 firm 名,公司,形,堅固的, 

249 He works for an electronics firm. 他在一家電子公司上班。


250 fit 形,健康的,動,合適, 

250 He jogs to keep fit. 他慢跑來保持健康。

250 The dress fits you perfectly. 這洋裝超適合你的。


251 fitness 名,健康, 

251 Why don’t you join a health club to improve your fitness?你要不要加入健身房來改進你的健康?

252 flavor 名,口味,

252 We sell 25 different flavors of ice cream. 我們賣二十五種口味的冰淇淋。


253 flight 名,航班, 

253 She booked the flight over the Internet. 她用網路訂飛機票。

254 flyer 名,傳單,飛機的旅客, 

254 People were giving out flyers advertising the event. 人們在發廣告那個活動的傳單。


255 focus 名,中心,焦點,動,專心於, 

255 She likes to be the focus of attention. 她喜歡得到別人的注意。

255 You need to focus more on your career. 你必須要更專心於你的工作。


256 folder 名,文件夾, 

256 He is holding a folder. 他正拿著一個文件夾。

257 forecast 名,預報,預測,  

257 It is too early to make a forecast on what will happen. 預測將會發生什麼還太早。


258 form 名,表格, 

258 Please fill in/out the form with black ink. 請用黑色的筆來填寫表格。


259 foundation 名,創建,基金會, 

259 The research center was set up by a charitable foundation. 研究中心是由一個慈善基金會所設立的。


260 fuel 名,燃料, 

260 Before leaving, he filled up with fuel at the local gas station. 在離開前,他在當地加油站加滿油。

261 fund 名,資金,基金,

261 They’ve set up a fund for victims of the earthquake. 他們設立了一個給地震受難者的基金。

262 fund-raising 名,募款, 

262 The dinner is a fund-raising event for the museum. 這個晚宴是為了博物館的募款活動。


263 furniture 名,傢俱

263 We need to buy some new furniture. 我們需要買一些新的傢俱。


264 gallery 名,畫廊, 

264 He frequently exhibits at the art gallery. 他經常在藝廊展出。


265 gate 名,門,登機門, 

265 Don’t forget to shut the gate when you leave. 你離開的時候不要忘記關門。


266 gear 名,裝備,用具, 

266 She had her running gear on. 她穿著她的跑步服裝。


267 generosity 名,慷慨, 

267 His friends take advantage of his generosity. 他的朋友因為他慷慨占他便宜。


268 get into shape 片,變健康, 

268 What do you do to get into shape? 你做什麼事來讓自己健康?


269 goods 名,商品, 

269 They’re selling off damaged goods at reduced price. 他們正在減價銷售一些有瑕疵的商品。


270 grand 重大的,壯麗的, 

270 The gallery had its grand opening on February 1. 那間畫廊於二月一日盛大開幕。

271 grant 名,補助金

271 We have approved your request for a three-year grant of $100,000. 我們已經通過你要求的三年十萬元的補助金。


272 guarantee 名,保證書,保固,動,保修, 

272 The smartphone comes with a one-year guarantee. 這智慧型手機有一年的保固。


273 guide 名,指南,嚮導,動,指引

273 Our tour guide showed us around the old town. 我們的導遊帶領我們參觀老鎮。



274 handle 名,把手,動,處理,

274 You handled the situation very well. 你把狀況處理得很好。


275 headquarters 名,總部, 

275 The firm’s headquarters is in London. 這公司的總部在倫敦。


276 heating 名,暖氣設備,

276 They turn the heating off before bed. 他們在睡前關掉暖氣。

277 historical 形,歷史的,

277 This book provides a historical perspective. 這本書提供了一個歷史的觀點。


278 host 名,主人,主持人,動,主辦, 

278 Which country is hosting the next Olympic Games? 哪個國家主辦下一屆的奧運賽?


279 human resources 名,人事部,人力資源部

279 He is the human resources director. 他是人事部經理。



280 identification 名,識別,身分證, 

280 Do you have any identification? 你有任何證件嗎?


281 impress 動,令人印象深刻,

281 We were very impressed by his presentation. 


282 improvement 名,改進, 

282 The economy has shown significant improvement over the past few months. 經濟在過去幾個月有顯著的改進。


283 indicate 動,顯示,

283 Our survey indicates that one in four children is bullied at school. 我們的調查顯示了在學校每四個孩子就有一個被霸凌。


284 industry 名,產業,工業,

284 The music industry is changing rapidly. 音樂產業改變的非常快速。


285 inform 動,通知, 

285 We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. 我們很遺憾地通知你你的申請被拒絕了。


286 information 名,資訊,情報,

286 For further information, please visit our website. 需要更進一步的資訊請造訪我們的網頁。

287 ingredient 名,材料,

287 The exact ingredients of Coca Cola are a trade secret. 可口可樂的確切的材料是個商業機密。

288 initial 形,最初的,

288 The initial earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks. 最初的地震伴隨著一系列的餘震。

289 initiate 動,開始,

289 Who initiated the violence? 誰先使用暴力的?

290 inquire 動,詢問,

290 She called the school to inquire about the application process. 她打電話給學校詢問有關申請的程序。

291 inquiry 名,詢問,

291 The police are making inquires to discover the cause of the accident. 警察問問題來找到意外的原因。

292 inspection 名,檢查,

292 The hotel passed its annual inspection. 飯店通過了它的年度檢查。

293 install 動,安裝, 

293 We will install your washing machine free of charge. 我們將免費安裝你的洗衣機。


294 instructor 名,教練,

294 I managed to find a very good driving instructor. 我努力找到一個很棒的開車教練。


295 insure 動,投保,

295 They refused to insure my parents because they said they’re too old. 他們拒絕幫我的雙親投保因為他們說他們年紀太大了。

296 intensive 形,密集的,

296 He took an intensive course in English. 他上了一個密集的英文課程。


297 interest 名,興趣,利息,

297 The interest on the loan is 15% per year. 貸款的利息是一年百分之十五。

298 interior 名,內部,形,內部的,

298 The original interior of the hotel has been replaced. 飯店原本的內部被做了更換。

299 international 形,國際的, 

299 Japan’s crime rate is still low by international standards. 日本犯罪率就國際標準來看仍舊是低的。


300 internship 名,實習期,

300 She has a summer internship at a local TV station. 她在當地的電視台做暑期實習。 

【潔西家】多益必考單字 181-240 + Happy Valentine’s Day

To love is nothing. 

To be loved is something. 

But to love and be loved

that’s everything. 








181 destination 名,目的地, 

181 Kenting is a popular holiday destination. 墾丁是個熱門的度假勝地。

182 detail 名,細節, 

182 Tell me the main points now; leave the details till later. 現在跟我說重點,細節晚一點再說。


183 diet 名,飲食, 

183 It is important to have a balanced diet. 有均衡的飲食是很重要的。


184 digital 形,數位的, 

184 We are moving our CCTV to a fully digital network. 我們把我們的閉路電視(監視器)轉成全面的數位系統。


185 direction 名,方向, 

185 He has a good sense of direction. 他方向感很好。


186 director 名,經理,主任,董事, 

186 Have you met the new finance director? 你跟新的財務經理見過面了嗎?


187 discount 名,折扣, 

187 Members get a 15% discount. 會員有百分之十五折扣。


188 discuss 動,討論, 

188 I’d like to discuss this matter with you later. 我想到等等跟你討論這件事。


189 dish 名,盤子,菜餚, 

189 The menu includes a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. 菜單包含了很多選項的素食菜餚。


190 display 動,陳列,名,展示品, 

190 There’s an Egyptian art collection on display at the museum. 有個埃及藝術典藏在博物館展示。


191 dispose 動,處置,解決, 

191 There must be a better way to dispose of nuclear waste. 一定有個比較好的方式來處理核廢料。


192 distribution 名,分配,配送, 

192 The farm washes and packages the fruit for distribution to retail store. 農場洗跟包裝水果配送到零售商。


193 division 名,部門, 

193 The research and development division has improved the quality of its products. 研發部門已經改進產品的品質。


194 documentary 名,紀錄片,形,文書的, 

194 There were some interesting interviews in the documentary. 紀錄片中有些有趣的訪談。


195 donation 名,捐贈, 

195 He makes a donation to the charity every month. 他每個月捐錢給慈善機構。


196 due 形,預期的,due to 因為, 

196 Her new book is due to be published next month. 她的新書預期下個月出版。 

196 The flight has been canceled due to a mechanical problem. 航班因為機械問題被取消了。


197 durable 形,耐久的

197 The machines have to be made of durable materials. 這機械必須要用耐用的材質來製作。



198 edition 名,版本, 

198 They have produced a new limited edition CD. 他們製作了一張限量版本的 CD。


199 editor 名,編輯, 

199 He’s the editor of a magazine. 他是一個雜誌的編輯。


200 efficient 形,效率高的, 

200 The loan application process at this bank is efficient. 這家銀行貸款申請的程序很有效。

201 effort 名,努力, 

201 We put a lot of effort into the project. 我們投入很多努力到這個企劃案。


202 electronic 形,電子的, 

202 This dictionary is available in electronic form. 這本字典有電子版本。


203 eligible 形,有資格的, 

203 You will be eligible to receive employee benefits. 你將有資格得到員工福利。


204 employment 名,受雇,就業, 

204 I am glad to confirm your employment as an account, effective March 1. 我很高興跟你確認雇用當一個會計,從三月一日起生效。


205 enclose 動,隨信附上,

205 I have enclosed the watch and the payment receipt. 我隨信附上手錶跟付款的收據。


206 encourage 動,鼓勵,刺激, 

206 We were encouraged to learn foreign languages at school. 求學時我們被鼓勵去學習外語。


207 engineer 名,工程師, 

207 I need the advice of a qualified engineer. 我需要一個合格的工程師的忠告。


208 enhance 動,增進, 

208 This is an opportunity to enhance the reputation of the company. 這是個增進公司名聲的機會。


209 enroll 動,註冊,加入, 

209 He is enrolled as a full-time student. 他註冊成為全職學生。


210 ensure 動,確保,

210 Please ensure that all lights are switched off. 請確保所有的燈都被關上。

211 entertainment 名,娛樂, 

211 This film is good family entertainment. 這部電影是很好的全家性娛樂。


212 entire 形,全部的, 

212 It was the best day in my entire life. 那是我這輩子最棒的一天。


213 entitle 動,使有資格, 

213 Children and the elderly are entitled to cheap tickets. 小孩子跟老年人可以買比較便宜的票。


214 entrance 名,入口, 

214 He dropped me off at the main entrance. 他放我在大門口。


215 envelope 名,信封, 

215 Writing paper and envelopes are provided in your room. 你的房間提供有信紙跟信封。


216 equipment 名,設備, 

216 He demonstrated how to use the equipment. 他示範如何使用那個設備。


217 errand 名,差事, 

217 She often runs errands for her mother. 她常常幫她媽媽跑腿。

218 establish 動,建立, 

218 The college was established in 1989. 那所大學是在 1989 年創辦的。


219 established 形,著名的,既定的, 

219 She is a well-established and successful author. 她是個有名又成功的作家。


220 estimate 動,估計,名,估計, 

220 These are the figures, but they’re only a rough estimate. 這些是數據,但是他們只是大約的估計。

221 evaluation 名,評估, 

221 They took some samples of products for evaluation. 他們取了一些產品的樣本來評估。


222 exceed 動,超出, 

222 The book’s success has exceeded all our expectations. 這本書的成功超出了我們所有人的期待。


223 excessive 形,過度的, 

223 Excessive drinking can lead to stomach disorder. 過度的喝酒會導致胃部的問題。


224 exchange 動,交換,名,交換, 

224 Sale goods can be brought back to the store for an exchange. 拍賣的貨物能被拿回店裡換貨。


225 executive 名,行政主管,形,管理的, 

225 He’s a senior executive in a computer firm. 他是一個資深行政主管在一家電腦公司。


226 exhibit 動,展出,名,展出物, 

226 His paintings have been exhibited all over the world. 他的畫作在全世界展出。

227 expand 動,擴張, 

227 We have plans to expand into the Europe market. 我們有計畫要擴張進入歐洲市場。


228 expectation 名,期待, 

228 The concert lived up to our expectation. 這演唱會完全符合我們的期待。


229 experience 名,經驗, 

229 His lack of practical experience was a disadvantage. 他的缺乏實務經驗是個缺點。


230 expert 名,專家, 

230 We need to bring in an expert to deal with this problem. 我們需要找專家來處理這個問題。

231 expiration 名,到期, 

231 The milk is good until it’s expiration date of the package. 這牛奶可以保存到包裝上的保存期限。


232 express 動,表達, 

232 I would like to express my thanks for your kindness. 我想要表達對你的仁慈的謝意。


233 extend 動,擴大, 延展

223 The client has agreed to extend the deadline. 客戶同意延長截止日期。

234 extensive 形,廣闊的,廣泛的, 

234 His knowledge of English grammar is extensive. 


235 external 形,外部的, 

235 This cream is for external use only. 這個藥膏只可以外用。


236 extra 形,額外的

236 Residents can use the gym at no extra cost. 居民可以免費使用健身房。



237 facility 名,場所, 設施

237 The leisure facilities include a sauna and a gym. 休閒設施包括了蒸氣室跟健身房。


238 fare 名,車費, 

238 The return fare will cost you less than two single tickets. 來回車費會比你買兩張單程票還便宜。


239 feature 名,特色,動,以…為特色, 

239 The exhibition features paintings by Picasso. 這個展覽是以畢卡索的畫為特色。


240 fee 名,費用, 

240 Students take out loans to cover tuition fees. 學生申請貸款來付學費。

【潔西家】多益必考單字 121-180

多益必考單字,從官方出版的TOEIC Essential Vocabulary Builder 多益測驗關鍵字彙書這本書裡面出來的單字,潔西盡量用簡單的例子來搭配說明,想要增加單字的人也可以參考一下。懶得看得人也可以用聽的,影片每隻有二十個單字,有單字英文兩次,詞性,中文,跟兩次的例句的英文,跟中文說明。儘量講解的有趣一點希望大家還聽得進去,多增加字彙之外還要記得用出來才會變成自己的喔!

121 completion 名,完工,完成, 

121 I’m pleased to say that the project is nearing completion. 我很開心地說企劃案接近完成了。


122 complex 名,複雜的,名,建築群, 

122 We live in an increasingly complex world. 我們住在一個越來越複雜的世界。


123 complimentary 名,免費的, 

123 The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast. 飯店提供了免費的早餐。


124 component 名,零件, 

124 All the components should be tested before they are assembled. 所有的零件在組裝前應該被測試。


125 computerized 形,電腦化的, 

125 The factory has been fully computerized. 工廠已經完全電腦化了。


126 concert 名,演唱會, 

126 The musicians are busy rehearsing for the concert. 音樂家們正忙著為演唱會彩排。


127 conclusion 名,結論, 

127 It’s important not to jump to conclusions. 不要直接跳到結論是很重要的。


128 condition 名,狀況,條件, 

128 The car is still in excellent condition. 車子還在很棒的狀態。


129 conduct 動,實施, 

129 We are conducting a survey. 我們正在做問卷調查。


130 conference 名,大型會議, 

130 I’m attending a conference next month. 我下個月要去參加一個大型會議。


131 confirm 動,確認, 

131 Please confirm your reservation in writing by Monday. 請在星期一前用書面確認你的預約。


132 confirmation 名,確認, 

132 We need confirmation in writing before we can send your order out. 我們寄出你的訂單前需要你的書面確認。


133 connect 動,連結, 

133 Click here to connect to the Internet. 按下這裡連結到網路。


134 consideration 名,考慮, 

134 I think the proposal needs further consideration. 我覺得提案需要更近一步的考慮。


135 constraint 名,限制, 

135 We have to work within severe constraint. 我們必須在嚴格的限制中工作。


136 construction 名,建造, 

136 The website is currently under construction. 這個網頁目前正在建構中。


137 consultant 名,顧問, 

137 We hired a consultant to help improve our image. 我們雇用一個顧問來幫助改善我們的形象。


138 consumer 名,消費者, 

138 We supply domestic consumers. 我們提供給國內的消費者。


139 contact 名,聯絡,動,聯絡, 

139 We stay in contact by email. 我們用電子郵件保持聯絡。


140 contain 動,包含, 

140 Try to avoid foods which contain a lot of fat. 試著避免有大量脂肪的食物。

141 contest 名,比賽, 

141 Both sides played well – it was a very even contest. 兩邊的表現地很好 — 這是個勢均力敵的比賽。


142 contract 名,合約, 

142 She signed a contract to write a book. 她簽了合約要寫一本書。


143 contractor 名,承包商,簽約的人, 

143 We’ll need to employ a building contractor to do the work. 我們需要雇用一個建築承包商來做那份工作。


144 contribute 動,貢獻, 

144 The volunteers contribute their own time to the project. 志工們奉獻他們自己的時間在這個企劃案上。


145 convention 名,大型會議, 傳統

145 We will hold a national convention in March. 我們將在三月開一個全國的大型會議。


146 convince 動,說服, 

146 I’ve been trying to convince him to see a doctor. 我一直試著要他去看醫生。


147 cookware 名,廚房用具, 

147 Our company sells cookware. 我們公司賣廚房用具。


148 cooperate 動,合作,  

148 Local residents refused to cooperate with the police. 當地居民拒絕跟警察合作。


149 correction 名,修正, 

149 I’ve made a few small corrections to your report. 我在你的報告做了一些小修正。


150 correspondence 名,通信,信件, 

150 Any further correspondence should be sent to my new address. 任何進一步的通信應該被寄到我的新的地址。


151 cost 名,成本, 費用

151 Travel insurance is included at not extra cost. 旅遊保險包含在裡面不需額外的費用。


152 costume 名,服裝, 

152 Would you like to go to a costume party tomorrow night? 你明天要去變裝派對嗎?


153 council 名,市議會, 

153 The city council is responsible for keeping the streets clean. 市議會要負責保持街道的清潔。


154 coupon 名,禮卷,折價卷, 

154 This coupon is valid until February 28. 這張折價卷的有效期限是二月二十八日。


155 cover 名,封面,動,報導, 覆蓋

155 Each podcast covers a different topic. 每個播客都涵蓋了一個不同的主題。


156 credit card 名,信用卡, 

156 My credit card expires at the end of April. 我的信用卡四月底到期。


157 cruise 名,郵輪, 

157 They went on a luxury cruise to Alaska. 他們搭豪華郵輪到阿拉斯加。


158 customer 名,顧客, 

158 This company is known for their excellent customer service. 這家公司以他們的優秀顧客服務聞名。


159 customize 動,訂製

159 You can customize the software. 你可以客製化軟體。



160 damage 名,損壞, 

160 If you drink a lot of alcohol, it can cause liver damage. 假如你喝很多酒,它可能會引起肝臟的損壞。


161 date 名,日期,動,寫日期,

161 Make sure you sign and date it at the bottom. 確定你在最下面簽名,寫上日期。


162 deadline 名,截止日期, 

162 There’s no way I can meet the deadline. 我不可能在期限內完成。


163 debit card 名,轉帳卡, 

163 Can I pay with a debit card? 我可以用的轉帳卡付款嗎?


164 debut 名,首演, 

164 This is her debut album. 這是她的第一張唱片。


165 decision 名,決定, 

165 He had to make some difficult decisions. 他必須要做出一些困難的決定。


166 dedicate 動,奉獻, 

166 The book was dedicated to his mother. 這本書是獻給他的母親。


167 dedication 名,奉獻, 

167 He thanked the staff for their dedication and enthusiasm. 他感謝員工們的奉獻與熱情。


168 detective 名,偵探, 

168 She hired a detective to find out if her husband was having an affair. 她雇用一個偵探來知道她的老公是不是有外遇。


169 delayed 形,延遲的, 

169 The flight was delayed because of the bad weather. 航班因為天候不佳延遲。


170 deliver 動,運送, 

170 How soon can you deliver? 你多快可以運送?


171 demand 名,需求,動,要求,

171 Good teachers are always in demand. 好老師總是有需求。


172 demonstration 名,示範,示威, 

172 She gave us a demonstration of the new software in use. 她給我們一個新的軟體如何使用的示範。


173 dental 形,牙齒的, 

173 I’m calling to make a dental appointment. 我是打來要預約看牙齒的。

174 depart 動,出發, 

174 The plane departs at 10 a.m. 飛機早上十點出發。


175 department 名,部門, 

175 He works in the personnel department. 他在人事部門工作。


176 depend 動,取決於, 

176 I might not go. It depends (on) how tired I am. 我可能不會去。要看我有多累。


177 deposit 名,存款,訂金, 

177 We have received your registration form and deposit. 我們收到你的登記單跟訂金了。


178 describe 動,描述, 

178 Can you describe her to me? 你可以描述她讓我知道嗎?


179 design 名,設計,動,設計, 

179 I don’t like the design of this armchair. 我不喜歡這手扶椅的設計。


180 dessert 名,甜點, 

180 What are we having for dessert? 我們甜點要吃什麼?

midnight snack, late night snack 宵夜

【潔西家】多益必考單字 1-60

TOEIC Essential Vocabulary Builder 多益測驗關鍵字彙書是潔西在這邊要分享的單字的來源,這裡都是真的非常常用的字,假如要多益考高分的話這邊的單字還不夠,但是基礎比較沒有那麼好的人可以從這裡開始增加自己的單字。





1 acceptable 形,令人滿意的,可以接受的, 

1 The quality of the product is not acceptable. 這個產品的品質是不可接受的。 


2 access 名,通道,途徑, 

2 You need a password to get access to the computer system. 你需要密碼才可以進入電腦系統。


3 accessible 形,可得的, 

3 Healthcare should be made accessible to everyone. 醫療保健應該是讓每個人都可得的。


4 accommodate 動,提供住宿, 

4 The hotel can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. 這飯店可以容納多達一千個客人。


5 accommodation 名,住處,住宿, 

5 The price for the holiday includes flights and accommodation. 度假的價格包含了機票跟住宿。


6 account 名,帳號,帳戶, 

6 I’d like to open an account in your bank. 我想要在你們銀行開一個帳戶。


7 achievement 名,成就, 

7 This is a remarkable achievement. 這是個了不起的成就。


8 add 動,加, 

8 Do you want to add your name to the list? 你要把你的名字加到名單上嗎?


9 additional 形,額外的, 

9 Additional information can be found on our website. 額外的資訊可以在我們的網站找到。 


10 address 名,地址,演說,動,對…講話,應付, 

10 The professor gave a wonderful address today. 教授今天給了個很棒的演講。


11 adjacent 形,鄰近的, 

11 We stayed in adjacent rooms. 我們住在鄰近的房間。


12 adjust 動,調整, 

12 She adjusted her schedule at the last minute. 她在最後一分鐘調整了她的行程表。


13 adjustment 名,調整, 

13 It requires a few minor adjustments. 它需要一些小調整。


14 administrative 形,行政的,管理的, 

14 We need to hire an administrative assistant. 我們需要雇用一個行政助理。


15 admission 名,入場費, 

15 The admission charge is $300. 入場費是三百元。


16 advance 形,事先的,

16 Advance bookings for the concert start today. 演唱會的預先訂票從今天開始。


17 advantage 名,優點, 

17 The advantage of booking tickets in advance is that you get better seats. 事先訂票的好處是你可以拿到比較好的座位。


18 advertise 動,廣告, 

18 They no longer advertise alcohol or cigarettes at sporting events. 他們不再在體育活動上廣告酒精或香菸。


19 advertisement 名,廣告, 

19 Responses to our advertisement have been disappointing. 我們廣告的反應令人失望。


20 advice 名,忠告, 

20 I need some advice on which smartphone to buy. 我需要一些忠告在買哪一支智慧型手機上。


21 affect 動,影響,

21 Smoking affects your health. 抽菸影響你的健康。 


22 agency 名,代理機構,

22 The travel agency will make your travel reservations and send your tickets to the office. 旅行社將會幫你做預約並且把票送到辦公室去。


23 agenda 名,議程, 

23 New measures to combat terrorism are high on agenda. 對抗恐怖主義的新措施是議程中的重要項目。


24 allow 動,允許, 承認

24 Formal business attire is required in the office from Monday to Thursday, while more casual dress is allowed on Friday. 正式的商業服裝被要求在星期一到星期四,然而比較休閒的服裝在星期五可以被允許。


25 alternative 形,可替代的,另類的, 

25 For vegetarian guests there is an alternative menu. 有另外的菜單給吃素的客人。


26 amenity 名,便利設施, 

26 We provide every amenity for small or large meetings. 我們提供各樣便利設施給大大小小的會議。


27 amount 名,數量, 

27 He pays regular amounts of money to a charity. 他捐固定金額的錢給一家慈善機構。


28 anniversary 名,週年慶, 

28 It was their twentieth wedding anniversary yesterday. 昨天是他們的二十年結婚週年慶。


29 announce 動,宣告, 

29 The personnel department has announced three new job openings. 人事部宣告了三個職缺。


30 announcement 名,公告,通告,聲明, 

30 The president made the announcement at a news conference. 總統在記者會的時候發佈了聲明。


31 annual 形,年度的, 

31 The annual charity fund-raising event will be held this Sunday. 年度的慈善募款活動將會在這個星期六舉行。


32 anticipate 動,預期, 

32 Sales are better than anticipated. 銷售量比預期的還好。


33 apologize 動,道歉, 

33 We would like to apologize for the delay. 我們想要為延遲道歉。


34 appeal 名,動,呼籲, 

34 The appeal for people to donate blood was very successful. 請人們捐血的呼籲非常的成功。


35 appear 動,出現,似乎, 

35 There appears to be a mistake. 似乎是個錯誤。


36 appliance 名,家電用品

36 Don’t plug in an electrical appliance with wet hands. 不要用濕的手插上電器的插頭。


37 applicant 名,申請者,

37 Only applicants who meet all the requirements for the position will be invited to an interview. 只有符合該職位所有必要條件的申請者會被邀請來面試。


38 application 名,申請書, 

38 Please submit your application before the end of the month. 請在月底前繳交你的申請書。


39 appoint 動,委任,約定, 

39 Mr. Brown was appointed as chairman. 布朗先生被委任為主席。


40 appointment 名,約會,約定,

40 New patients should arrive ten minutes before their scheduled appointments. 新的病人應該要比他們的預約時間早十分鐘到。


41 appreciate 動,感激, 

41 I really appreciate everything you have done for me. 我真的很感激你為我做的每件事。


42 appropriate 形,合適的, 

42 It would not be appropriate for me to discuss that now. 對我來說現在討論那件事是不合適的。


43 approval 名,贊同, 核准

43 The project has now received approval from the manager. 這個企劃案現在已經取得經理的核准了。


44 approve 動,贊成, 

44 He doesn’t approve of cosmetic surgery. 他不贊成整容手術。


45 architect 名,建築師, 

45 He is a highly recommended architect. 他是個備受推薦的建築師。


46 archive 名,資料檔,

46 I am collecting documents to build up an archive. 我在搜集檔案來建構一個資料檔。


47 arrangement 名,安排, 約定

47 He has made all his travel arrangements. 他已經做好所有他的旅遊安排了。


48 arrive 動,抵達, 

48 He’s not a very organized person and he always arrives late at meetings. 他不是個很有組織的人,而且他總是在開會的時候遲到。


49 artificially 副,人工地, 刻意地

49 Food prices are being kept artificially low. 食物的價格被刻意地壓低。


50 artist 名,藝術家, 

50 All these pictures were painted by local artists. 這些所有的畫作都是當地藝術家畫的。


51 assembly 名,組裝,集會, 

51 Putting the bookcase together should be a simple assembly job. 把書櫃組合起來應該是個簡單的組裝工作。


52 assignment 名,功課,工作,分派任務, 

52 He works diligently and always finishes his assignment on time. 他很努力地工作而且總是準時完成他的任務。


53 assistant 名,助理,

53 He is looking for a personal assistant to help with the paperwork. 他在找個人助理來幫忙文書工作。


54 association 名,協會, 

54 Do you belong to any professional or trade associations? 你隸屬於任何專業的或商業的協會嗎?


55 atmosphere 名,氣氛, 

55 It’s a very friendly bar with a nice relaxed atmosphere. 這是個友善的酒吧有著舒適自在的氣氛。


56 attach 動,連上,隨電子郵件附上,

56 I’m attaching the image as a PDF file. 我把那個圖像用 PDF 檔附上。


57 attendee 名,出席者, 

57 I didn’t see your name on the list of attendees. 我沒有看到你的名字在出席者清單上。


58 attract 動,吸引, 

58 What attracted him most to the job was the chance to travel. 那個工作最吸引他的是旅遊的機會。


59 audience 名,觀眾, 

59 This film is unlikely to attract large audience. 這部電影不太可能吸引大量的觀眾。


60 authority, 名,當局,權威 

60 Children challenge their parents’ authority far more nowadays than they did in the past. 現在的小孩挑戰他們父母的權威遠比從前。

【潔西家】多益必考單字 16 十個後面加不定詞的動詞



今天找了十個後面要加不定詞 to 再加原型動詞的動詞,在多益還算常見的單字,大家可以記一下用法喔。我真的覺得我不是懶惰,但是呢不行的時候就不行,這解釋給一般人也是不會懂的,所以也不用解釋了啦。


一下就四點了,好快喔,晚點要上課前想去 UNIQLO 晃晃,有看到特價的洋裝,當然是衣櫥滿是洋裝了,但是呢特價就又很想買,可是看網路的沒試穿過的潔西通常不會買,所以就是想出去試穿,哈哈,也不一定會買。希望穿起來不好看就不用買了?人真是複雜呢,哈哈哈。Have a good day! 又是星期五了,怎麼那麼快啦。潔西加油加油!大家放鬆放鬆。


I want to play tennis.


I enjoy playing tennis.


I started to play tennis. 

I started playing tennis.

1 pretend 假裝

1 She didn’t want to talk to her husband, so she pretended to be asleep.

2 hesitate 猶豫

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

3 expect 期待,期望

What a coincidence! I didn’t expect to see you here. 

4 manage 成功做到(困難的事)

The animals managed to survive the wildfire. 

5 deserve 值得

You deserve to live a better life. 

6 decide 決定

She decided to take the job.

7 agree 同意

They agreed to give us a refund.

8 promise 答應

He promised to arrive on time, but he was late again. 

9 prepare 準備

She is busy preparing to take the entrance exam. 

10 force 強迫

He was forced to give up his dreams. 

【潔西家】多益必考單字 12 positive 正面的,積極的,陽性的,確定的


所以有課上,有錢賺,真的是還是要懷著點感恩的心。positive thinking 正面思考!人生才會是彩色的 colorful。今天的主題是 positive 正面的,積極的,相反是 negative 負面的,消極的。

因為人生再怎麼負面都無濟於事,所以還不如放寬心,往好的方面想,不過這當然是說來容易做來難 It’s easier said than done. ,不過呢人生就是不斷地試驗挑戰,有時候真的覺得好累喔,這個時候就要討拍一下,而且要找對人討拍。不然像潔西就一直碎碎唸唸出來也是個不錯的方式。




思考要正面思考,人生態度就是積極的,對別人也會有好影響。影片有說到 He has a good effect/impact on me. 他對我有好的影響。影片中不太確定是不是對的,是對的,做影片時有時會有點不確定,請大家多見諒,最近在練習日文有時候就有點不確定起來了。上課還曾經把日文跟英文合起來用,笑死自己了。哈哈哈。

測驗出來是陽性的結果通常是不好的嗎?抗體之類的要有才好嗎?要看是測試的內容把?最近令人振奮的就是新冠肺炎的疫苗研究的成果有很不錯的成績。陽性的也是 positive 喔。陰性的就是 negative 。

最後一個 positive 的用法是跟 sure 類似。A: Positive?  B: Positive. A 的語調是上揚的,確定嗎?B 的語調是往下,確定的。

小寶從加拿大回來終於出關了,等等潔西要跟她去小麥買大薯送大薯。潔西說大暑都過了還買大薯送大薯喔?記得 7/22 大暑的時候有看到 MOS Burger 有這樣的活動。


人生太多不如意,十之有八九,但是呢還是有一兩分的美好支撐著我們的生活,大家就三不五時抱怨抱怨,一邊同時享受人生吧!大家週末愉快!Have a nce weekend!







A: How are the findings received? 結果大家的反應如何?

B: Very positively. 很正面。


negative 負面的,消極地,陰性的



A 正面的,積極的

1 Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? 你相信正面思考的力量嗎?

2 He has a positive attitude to life. 他對生命的態度很積極。

3 You have to be more positive about your work. 你工作上必須在積極一點。

4 Walking has a positive effect on your health. 走路對你的健康有正面的影響。

5 Smart phone can be a positive influence. 智慧型手機可以是個好的影響。


He has a good effect on me. 他對我有好的影響。  impact 影響。


B 陽性的

6 He tested positive for COVID-19. 他新冠肺炎測試出來是陽性的。

7 The test results came back positive. 測試的結果出來是陽性的。


C 確定的

8 A Are you sure about the result?  B: Positive.  A: 你對結果確定嗎? B: 確定的。

9 Are you absolutely positive you left your wallet on the table? 你真的確定你有把錢包放在桌上嗎?

【潔西家】多益必考單字 5 application 申請書,應用程式

這張 Google 合成的照片真的是有點好笑,左上方的車子是保時捷,左下方是潔西跟 NHK 的吉祥物多摩君,右上方是大小寶在清水寺,試著要拿起超重的那個中文實在也不知道叫什麼的,鐵杖?右下似乎又是 NHK 的吉祥物。



今天上課老師還幫忙潔西宣傳說潔西是 YouTuber ,恩,真的很不好意思,沒有多少人看的,超心虛的。還被問時薪,兩個小時兩千三百元,全班都「ㄟ」,老師還幫忙解釋,這個價格有人上表示教得好,真是非常謝謝老師的宣傳。因為這個老師是第一堂上課老師的先輩,第一堂老師先前上課請大家自我介紹的時候不知道為什麼聊到每天都在做什麼,潔西剛好講到寫部落格,做 YouTube 影片。第二堂的老師的課有次講到黑心企業,半開玩笑的說從前的補習班,明明潔西的會話班都滿班到24個人,也不多給潔西課,讓同學可以有更多課可以選,別的老師可能班上只有8個人,但是潔西要上24個人很累之類的。然後老師又說潔西是很受歡迎的老師,從前啦,雖然也不是不是事實,但是超不好意思的啊!

我想只要是很認真又很用心的老師,學生都會感受得到吧?有沒有感受到想來上課的人,啊,對了,感恩,昨天又有人振興潔西的經濟了,大大感謝贊助,潔西會更努力的。想把先前編的發音講義再重新做新的影片,覺得先前做得不好,同樣的講義想做新的音檔,還想再編新的講義,再做新的音檔。我知道有人一定覺得,那個多益單字每幾天出一隻影片根本不夠背。還有我的劍橋文法初級課本,請等一下,一定會慢慢做完的!真的很不好意思,潔西上了年紀,真的精力有限,常常都是心有餘而力不足,英文是 My eyes are bigger than my stomach. 我的眼睛比我的胃大。意思是看到很多東西都很想吃,但是胃沒那麼大吃不下的意思。

其實每天想做的東西好多,目前是希望能夠多一點人看影片,增加一點收入,有人有餘力,有收穫可以贊助一下,這樣我就可以把多一點時間拿來做影片。不過呢等我這個月上完日文課後就會有很多時間出來,應該會做更多想做的影片。這星期不小心上了十二小時的日文課,我真的覺得我可以一直上課都不會膩,是有種喜歡學習的人吧?再來似乎應該要來去上做影片的課程,有人有推薦的嗎?有空時我再來網路上找找。現在什麼課程網路上應該都有吧?只是對於電腦很沒概念的人要講到很簡單易懂真的不多。我做 YouTube 影片現在的目標也是一個,簡單易懂,就是一般人可以看得懂的,盡量解釋的清楚明白易懂。




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5 application 申請書,應用程式

A application (n) 申請書

an official request for something, usually in writing 一個正式的請求某件事,通常是用寫作的方式

a job/college/membership/loan/credit card application 一份工作/大學/會員/貸款/信用卡申請書

fill out/fill in an application 填寫申請書

make/put in/submit an application 提交申請書

grant/approve an application 核准申請

refuse/reject/turn down an application 拒絕申請

1 Have you completed the application for your passport yet? 你完成填寫你的護照申請書了嗎?

2 You have to submit your application by the end of this month to receive the early registration rate. 你必須在月底前提交申請書才能夠享有提早註冊的優惠。

3 Please enclose your resume with your letter of application. 請在你的申請書附上你的履歷表。

4 It took a long time for my visa application to be processed. 我的簽證申請花了很久時間處理。

attach (v) 附上(電子郵件),attachment (n) 附件📎


B admit (n) 應用程式

a computer program designed for a particular purpose 一個為了特殊目的設計的電腦程式

5 E-mail is the most often used application. 電子郵件是最常被使用的應用程式。

6 Line is the most often used application in Taiwan. Line 是台灣最常被使用的應用程式。

7 What’s the top-selling application now? 現在最暢銷的應用程式是什麼?